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Pure and Applied Metaphysics

Seminars on Location and in Virtual Cyberspace

Pure and Applied Metaphysics

Seminars on Location and in Virtual Cyberspace

It is said that ‘All are called’. Few hear the Call and even fewer dare to respond to the Call. The call is the Far Call of your Soul to Adventure, the adventure of Life and Living Life. When you begin to explore the world around you, You awaken a passionate desire to explore your internal world…

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Humanity is in the Zero Hour of many Cycles – Time as we know it, Ages, Tibetan-Mayan-Egyptian Calendars and Earth’s Use-By-Date. Now in the “Zero Hour of Time”, each human being feels a desire for something more and many feel an overwhelming restlessness (some a looming Chaos!) This is the yearning in your Heart, your Soul and your Mind to answer the Call of your Soul to the Adventure of Celebrating Life, Love and Freedom. This comprehensive Pure and Applied Esoteric program is designed to equip participants with practical tools and aspects of consciousness that are essential for Living their daily life in the World of Now. Now there are no more rainchecks! Are you willing to revise everything you have been told and accept the Gifts of Now with spontaneous abandonment?

The Zero Hour Metaphysician offers you the opportunity to develop practical skills and attitudes to channel your restlessness into navigating these turbulent times with elegance, courage, clarity and excellence. It is made possible for you to awaken awesome Pure aspects of your mind, your natural Healing abilities, your Magnetism your Intuition and your Imagination. Then to Apply and integrate these aspects into your everyday life through Mental Control and Spiritual Perception. As you go through this process you reclaim trapped energy to open doorways to your inner resources and magic. This is a required stepping-stone to have access to the required energy or resonance to pursue your Passion and live your Dreams consciously and elegantly.

In the End of Time there is no room for wishful thinking. Carl Jung said that at a certain time, if you are going to make it in Life you must seek spirituality, it is not an option, it is not a preference, it is a need! To succeed, to make it, to make life have meaning, it is now essential in the Zero Hour to Become the Metaphysician in all aspects of life. If you want more height, width and depth in your life, to create your destiny, both a journey and a destination, with fun and laughter, then this Esoteric Mastery Foundation seminar is an exciting and fun adventure in Self Discovery for YOU.

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The Zero Hour Metaphysician

Background Information

Aim of WISES and AHSES

The World Initiatives School of Esoteric Studies

The African Holistic School of Esoteric Studies..

Famous sculptors have revealed that their best work was attained when they were able to contemplate a block of granite or marble until a structure would “jump” at them. It is as if the raw material forms a synergy with the artist, letting the latter know what it is destined for, or aspires to become. WISES and AHSES also look at its raw material; the world of life and the individuals living life, allowing a structure to appear and then chisels out whatever hinders the metamorphosis from taking place gracefully and elegantly. WISES and AHSES have no religious or political affiliation. Our aim is to assist willing individuals to be active and involved in creating a resonant environment, conducive to experiencing miracles in everyday life. We work with people who have moved beyond being just seekers to people who are ready to Find; people who are ready to enjoy the journey of life, to celebrate the gift of life!

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