The Young Disciple

The Quest for Sister Wealth or Sister Wisdom
A Tale of Adventure and Learning

the Young Disciple Faced with Wealth and Wisdom

A young disciple once asked an ancient sage how would he find wealth and riches. The sage answered his young apprentice with this magical story.

There are two sisters, one is called Wealth and the other Wisdom. If you seek the favours of Wealth only, she will be fickle and taciturn. Some days she will rain you with favour and other days she will treat you with disdain and ignore you completely.

Her sister, Wisdom, will merely observe your vain attempts to woo her sister and wait for your attention patiently.

However, if you pursue Wisdom first and give her all your attentions, Wealth will eventually become jealous and rain her attention on you in an attempt to gain more of your affections.

So when talking of creating wealth the question you should be asking is: “Which sister will I focus my attentions on the most.”

At that the ancient sage left his student to ponder on the story.

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A question to ponder:
Which sister have you been pursuing?

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