Wow 2013

The Celebration of You 

Accompanied by

Francisca Al-Halaseh

A Unique Shamanic African Journey


Experience the Wow residential seminar. Beauty is in the Heart of the Beholder. Behold Beauty in the Adventure Outback of the glorious Western Cape, South Africa. Combine your holiday with this empowering experience!


Immerse yourself in Wow and Wonder. Spark your Imagination and journey into your Heart. Experience The Nine Rites of Shamanic Initiation (The Munay-Ki Rites). Connect with the unique Animal and Bird Life of the African Bush and the Whales of the African Oceans. Learn to receive telepathic and empathic communication from these amazing beings. Encounter Elemental forces on magical hiking trails. Journey to the wine-lands: Experience Culinary Alchemy, wine and exotic dishes in an esoteric manner.  Commune with the gods of excellent wines, Bacchus and Dionysius. 

Cross the Shamanic Initiation Bridge

into the Adventure of Life and Living!


Join us on Wow 2013, a 7 Day journey of celebration of life with elegance, magic, enchantment, casual opulence, possibilities and an abundance of laughter. We guarantee that You and your Life will never be the same again!

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The residential aspect of the program is to create an optimum environment for growth, by removing the distractions of your everyday life.

Cross the Shamanic Initiation Bridge

into the Adventure of

Life and Living

The Journey to this destination is on offer to human beings who have reached a stage of maturity in their evolution that may be called Knowing and Appreciation.

Spark your Imagination and journey into your Heart. Discover and explore an unequivocal Life lived as a Grande Celebration.  Unleash new levels of magic, enchantment, subtlety and casual opulence in your unfolding as a spiritual being having a human experience. We guarantee that You and your Life will never be the same again!


The Munay-Ki Rites - The Nine Rites of Shamanic Initiation

Our sacred Shamanic rites of initiation from the Qure nation in the Andes, Peru; energetic transmissions that help you to shift into a new way of Being. They are the seeds that change the vibration of your energy field and help you come into alignment with you Soul's purpose...

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