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The World Initiatives School of Esoteric Studies 

African School of Esoteric Studies


The World Initiatives School of Esoteric Studies has no political or religious affiliation and respects the beliefs and faith of each and every individual.

The organization’s intent is:

1. To assist willing individuals to free themselves of narrow and bigoted thinking, embracing expansion, evolution and embellishment.

2. To equip willing individuals for a fast-changing world by encouraging them to acquire and refine a global world view, with an awareness and acceptance of changing social paradigms.

3. To encourage willing individuals to act according to the dictates of their conscience, continually learning and reviewing their attitudes, paradigms and motivations.

4. To support willing individuals to be uncompromising in their principles and impeccable in all their endeavours.

5. To be prepared to forgive, accept and appreciate others, without condoning their mistakes.

6. To support willing individuals to be ever more valuable to their family, friends, society, country and the world. Remaining true to the statement: “Ask not what your world can do for you, but ask rather, what can You do for your world”.

7. To encourage individuals in the pursuit of higher knowledge and education; to learn and grow in the spirit of Henry Ford’s statement: “whether eighteen or eighty, we are old if we stop learning”.

8. To support willing individuals, that they may never allow “common-sense” to be educated out of them.

9. To prompt willing individuals to bring forth and nurture their own unique resources, creative gifts and strengths, and respect and support the concomitant uniqueness of gifts within others.

10. To grant acknowledgement and provide accreditation for each individual’s attainment and daring, encouraging them always to further worthy endeavours.

11. To encourage willing individuals to rise to the occasion by learning to celebrate life by Living Life and to become ever more conscious in the pursuit of a full human experience.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.
The real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light."

By Plato

The World Initiatives School of Esoteric Studies

The African Holistic School of Esoteric Studies

Famous sculptors have revealed that their best work was attained when they were able to contemplate a block of granite / marble until a structure would “jump” at them. It is as if the raw material forms a synergy with the artist, letting the latter know what it is destined for, or aspires to become. WISES and AHSES also look at its raw material; the world of life and the individuals living life, allowing a structure to appear and then chisels out whatever hinders the metamorphosis from taking place gracefully and elegantly. WISES and AHSES have no religious or political affiliation. Our aim is to assist willing individuals to be active and involved in creating a resonant environment, conducive to experiencing miracles in everyday life. We work with people who have moved beyond being just seekers to people who are ready to Find; people who are ready to enjoy the journey of life, to celebrate the gift of life!


World Adventure Learning Courses

Enchanted Learning

The Magical Game of Celebrating Life

All human beings are on the path of enchanted learning, the path of magic and mystery. We are all called to embrace, grow and learn from the miraculous experience that is the game of life.

Discover Your Life
We all aspire to a life filled with love, romance and celebration. Are you looking to expand your experiences? Spreading your wings and learning to fly? Explore Adventure Learning pathways to freedom.

Your Ancient Voice
Deep within every human being there is a quiet, but powerful voice that whispers of magic and freedom. Every moment of every day this voice prompts us to learn, find and know our own inner magic, our inner hocus pocus. It is this voice that initiates a peculiar restlessness. This restlessness, if channelled positively, manifests itself in a romance with adventure and an adventure quest with romance, a desire to find something more. What that more is we cannot tell. We just know that it has to be acted upon.

Looking Without to a World Adventure

The restlessness that this whisper initiates points us out into a world of adventures. We look to elders, institutions, society, lovers, friends and family to help us. But what most people around you won’t admit is: They too are searching. Eventually we realise that the world and people around us can only give us signposts. They cannot give us the answers. The answers we have always been looking for wait deep within us. It is only when you begin to listen to that powerful quiet voice within that you become a finder.

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Are You Ready to embark on a Planet Adventure Quest? What's in it for you?

You walk away from the seminar with something far greater than a college education or university degree… you attain a life experience degree in self mastery and unique memories. When you return from the adventure quest workshop you can never be the same again: Life is good, a complete metamorphosis!

You have new friends in the world, fellow world travellers; you stretched yourself and discovered some of your unusual gifts; you can never shrink again; you start living an extraordinary life in an ordinary way and an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. People and situations turn up that require the assistance of your new-found knowledge and wisdom: “When the teacher is ready the student appears…”

Why do we offer world Adventure Quest, Celebration and Healing seminars?

The simple answer (is anything but simple) is to make it possible for you to discover a song of freedom in your Heart that is waiting to be sung and to find something or reclaim something. A Song that was either taken from you or you have lost or hidden it along the way. There is a process that most of humanity goes through before they reach this point to really play the game of life.

Do you want to live a life with new purpose?
Are you looking to expand your experiences by spreading your wings? Are you a world adventure traveller? Would you love to be one? Have you ever wondered if there is a bigger picture to the game of life? Are there patterns that explain your life experiences in the moment? Patterns and events that seemingly appear simple and unconnected on the surface… Your personal Self-Discovery is always amplified when you travel. Embark on a life long adventure quest of overseas adventure travel.

Discover Your Life through Adventure, Celebration and Healing

Experience the pleasure of seeing planet Earth. We have chosen various exotic destinations as the background to our journey to self awareness. Perhaps, as you begin awakening your Intuition, on the way to silent knowledge, you discover the complete connectedness of every moment. During world seminars and courses you are away from your usual environment. You focus entirely on self mastery principles. You learn and grow with few or no distractions. You begin to Spark your Imagination, creativity and ideas for your life. Each event is a part of a pattern that reveals a profound journey into mystery and magic pointing the way to your real journey to freedom.

“Come with us on the next world adventure quest!”

Simply Love
The Adventure Learning Buccaneers

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