Lessons From the Wild Geese

An Adventure Learning Lesson

Whenever wild geese migrate for the winter they fly in a very particular formation. Each goose in the flock has a turn to fly at the head of this V-formation. This position causes a slip stream for all the other geese to fly in. When the lead goose is tired it then falls back to the end of the V and slowly works its way back up the formation.

Whatta Wild Goose

What’s more, if a member of the flock falls ill or is injured by hunters two geese from the flock will fall back with the injured goose. The two geese will stay with their injured companion until it either dies or is well enough to again embark on their journey to warmer climes.

The Labours of Hercules by Alice Bailey

In terms of the zodiac there is another reference to the power and symbolism of the goose. This is an excerpt from ‘The Labours of Hercules’ by Alice Bailey. The zodiac sign being referred to is the western astrological sign of cancer:

The Chinese called this sign "the red bird", for red is the symbol of desire, and the bird is the symbol of that flashing forth into incarnation and of appearance in time and space. The bird appears quite frequently in the zodiac and in ancient mythological stories, Hamsa, the bird of the Hindu tradition, "the bird out of time and space", stands equally for the manifestation of God and of man. Out of the darkness flashes the bird and flies across the horizon in the light of the day, disappearing again into the darkness. Our word, "goose", comes from the same Sanskrit root, through the Icelandic, and when we say, "What a goose you are", we are really making a most esoteric affirmation; we are saying to another human being: "You are the bird out of time and space, you are the soul taking form; you are God in incarnation!"

This puts a totally new spin on being called a goose. We at Adventure Learning Initiatives are definitely the closest human examples of geese.

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