What is Magnetism?

Lets use science to answer the question "what is magnetism?". Imagine you're an iron bar. Now, an iron bar is an iron bar until you pass an electric current through it, at which point it becomes a powerful magnet. Developing your magnetism has very much the same effect on you. So what is magnetism?

The sun emits diffused light, scattered and spread out in all directions. What happens when you focus the light of the sun through a magnifying glass? Imagine the light of the sun as your energy, and the magnifying glass as magnetism. Developing your personal magnetism transforms your scattered energies into a focused, powerful beam of light that will cut through steel.

One of the biggest setbacks to developing personal magnetism is when you are unwilling to have an unfair advantage. A big part of Mastering the Zone is to develop Magnetism. Fortunately we all have these natural abilities to develop charisma and a powerful presence within us. Mastering the Zone - What is Magnetism, guides you through the process of developing your personal magnetism through simple exercises to become a force to be reconned with, a powerful magnet with the ability to attract all sorts of wonderful things to yourself.

A great book on Magnetism - Instantaneous Personal Magnetism

BeDazzle - Magnetism Seminar

Personal Magnetism in CyberSpace Seminar

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