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The What If Fundation is a focused creative fundraising idea that is geared to assist people who are tapping into the song of their heart. It is also in line with the cosmic laws of sharing: As above, so below. As below, so above…

As the Adventure Learning teachers, mentors and artists share with the world, so the world shares with them. As you share with these masters of reality, so they share with you. A circle of life that is filled with an abundance of experiences, knowledge, joy, adventure and wealth is created for all.

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the What If Fundation

If you wish to make a general donation then your donation will be distributed evenly between our ‘Living a Simple Life’ and 'Creative Project Ideas' Mentors on a mission; our 'Hot Teachers'; and our Creative Labs’ Artists.

On an annual basis we will publish the total donations made to the WIF Fund. This is a totally transparent fund and all proceedings will be given to the mentors, teachers and artists who have shared at Adventure Learning.

To make your donation click on the button below and use our secure Pay Pal gateway:

Specific Donations vs. The Global Fund

If you wish to make specific contributions to particular individuals then you may contact them via Adventure Learning Initiatives.

Simply fill out the form below with your details and specify which mentor, artist or teacher you would like to assist. We will then pass your contact details to the person in question and it will be up to them to make contact with you.

Donations for Specific Individuals

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‘To this one it makes a difference’

Be part of the Now age and insist on a world full of adventure, love, freedom and life worth living. Be a bold sculptor of tomorrow and serve those who are serving the world by ensuring that they can continue to do so.

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