The Two Types of Accountants

A True Modern Adventure Learning Story

The Types of Accountants That Love an Adventure

In the world of finance there are many types of accountants as, in the world or daily affairs, there are many different types of people. Bearing that in mind let us begin this true modern parable.

Two accountants were employed at a New York firm. The boss soon realized they were two very different types of men. He knew he had to make it possible for each of them in a totally different way!

Both men’s resumes and starting salaries were about the same. But the first man was the perfect employee. He did exactly as he was told and his interests were only in learning how to assist his company to reach the highest points that the senior partner, and owner, desired. His work and diligence assisted the owner of the company to be fully confident that his home branch, in New York, was secure and strong.

The second accountant was the more creative and adventurous of the two. When his boss began expanding into Japan and Asia from New York he asked to accompany the owner to the foundation meetings for the new relationships being built.

Some Types of Accountants Love the Sky-Scraper Adventure

Soon the second accountant had begun his own international firm and his previous boss was outsourcing a lot of work to him.

A few years later the owner of the first firm got re-married. And he requested that both men be his best man. At the reception he said of them: “They are both incredible individuals and as different as night and day. One has ensured my security and success through working for me, the other has done the same, only he has worked with me.”

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A question to ponder:
Look at the characteristics of the two accountants.

Observe how many times you have mistaken people in your reality for one or the other? Which of the accountants holds the correct attitude?

Observe the part of yourself that wanted to fit a square peg into a triangular hole.

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