The Time is Now

an Adventure Quest
with Patrick Desplace

The Time Is Now – Now is what we have! What is on the offer right now is unprecedented. All that “has been” is being “Obliterated” to make way to what is being offered!

Have you paid attention to the financial meltdown or the admission by the Coalition Forces about wars that will not and cannot be won?

We are at the end of days right now… Isn’t it exciting: a brand new World – A Brand new You, a Brand new ME!

You may continue to turn your back to what is being offered – However you do have a choice… Look carefully at the 5 of cups picture. Cut your losses. Bid what has been farewell – Bless it all – turn round – step into what is on offer. Be in the now!

The tragedy is: You do not know what to choose or how to choose – it is all new. Not more of the same with variation on a tune!

(You are unable to make a conscious choice because what is being offered is beyond what you can begin to imagine and beyond what you have ever experienced before!)

No one is qualified to offer you the help you necessitate; However, I do have the required skills to take you there where the support you could do with is readily available! It is right there within you. It is so close to you that you cannot see it. It is so simple. I can take you there and show you!

It is time to unleash the amazing gifts being made available to you right now, as you are reading. This document, by itself can bring you solace and optimism. Whatever you may have lost or are likely to lose in next to no time is part of “The Trash” you need to free yourself of to find the Happiness and Peace you yearn for right now.

The Time is Now…

Is an unusual undertaking being offered In Two Modules? The first Module will cover two full days (over the weekend) and two evenings – this will be offered in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The second Module – will be a seven night residential program and will be a significantly more advanced adventure.

The Time is Now will endeavour to “create a present that evolves into a new, yet to be discovered and determined future”.

As Above so Below! We shall unleash our Intuition while self Catering for the group… I will guide the participants in “Creative Cooking” as part of the residential (Module Two). As we re-create our Life, We also take charge of our attitude towards our eating habits in an adventurous and fun manner… With Laughter and guilt-free pleasure.

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