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The Simple Life

Welcome to the simple life. A life of happiness is all about the details. It is in the simple pleasures and details of life that the most magic happens.

When was the last time you stopped to enjoy cooking a meal at home: the pleasure of the chopping, mixing, timing and, of course, the eating? How about your garden? Do you leave it to a garden-service, or do you actually take the time to bury your hands in the soft, rich Earth? When was the last time you took action on one of your creative dreams: a dream to jam on the guitar; a dream to give a poem life; or a dream to design a simple, powerful piece

of graphic art.

“It is in simplicity that true happiness finds us.”


The Simple Life
Mentor Network

Mentor on Living the Simple Life

The Simple Life Mentor Network are inspired by living Life. Because we have such an abundance of life experience degrees we love sharing. We invite you to share and pay it forward by mentoring on Living the Simple Life. Join our mentoring, learning and sharing initiative. This initiative incorporates all the aspects of a truly fulfilling, happy life.

Here you are given the space to share any knowledge or stories that you may have in the simple areas of cooking, recipes; gardening techniques; financial intelligence; mechanics; technology… In fact, in this forum you can share and learn in any area that falls under the often forgotten, simple and magical pleasures that life offers us. Did you know even fixing and cleaning your car can be a magical experience?

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The Creative Project Ideas
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Mentor and Instruct Apprentice Artists

This is a growing forum where we encourage you to share, learn and practice the arts. As an artist and mentor you are invited to offer lessons and tit-bits of information in your fields of expertise, whether it be performing arts; poetry and writing; visual arts; film and media; music; sculpture etc. If we left anything out it is because there just is not enough space here to incorporate every aspect of a creative life.

Inspire the creative project ideas in others by sharing your knowledge and your artistic vision.

As an Artist

Showcase and Exhibit Art

Another part of the simple life is to share and showcase your own artistic abilities. Send us your contact details and then submit a piece of poetry, writing, music, visual art, or you might have a performance on YouTube that we could link to. Get into the space of childlike abandon and share your simple passion with us. By sharing your creative voice you share of yourself, which in turn brightens the entire world.

As an Adventure Learner

Be a Finder

If you are here simply to learn then find and share in the growing wealth of knowledge and information on this page. Then pay it forward by sharing it with others. We love to share.

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Mentor on Living the Simple Life

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A parable on relationships and learning

Are you chasing wealth or wisdom?

Expanding awareness, a key to learning

Life changing learning

Strange happenings in my dream

Joy of Motorbiking - from a Biker Woman

simple life child mentoring

Happiness in life requires that you be childlike

Being childlike and the art of simplicity

A tale of childlike happiness and wonder

Learning through relationships and communication

simple life cooking

Helena's Amazing Recipes

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branding art lessons

[1] [2] [3]

1. Designing a Successful Brand, definition and importance of Branding and Brand Recognition

2. Keys to Banding, the Branding Evolution; Perceptions change and so too should brands

3. Designing in the Zone - Beyond the Zone, Own the Zone, Welcome to the Hot Zone.

guitar art lessons

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

1. Transform your playing with these Guitar Practice Secrets

2. Develop your ear with these fun exercises

3. Anatomy of a Guitar; Different types of Guitars

4. How to Tune a Guitar

5. Start playing right away with Guitar Chords

6. Getting to know the Ropes, um, Strings - The Guitar Fretboard

7. Play Guitar Barre Chords

8. Learn how to Read Guitar Tablature

9. Dance to a different tune with these Alternate Tunings

10. Interested in guitar lessons? Contact Andrew or book online.

11. Andrew Pittendrigh - teacher and mentor of guitar and music. Read his biography.

screenplay writing art lessons

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

1. Start with the wish to Write a Screenplay

2. Then Cover the Basics

3. Start to allow the ideas to Flow

4. Allowing a Character to Manifest

5. Be an Uber Character Generator

6. Character Analysis - be in the Character Creation Zone, not stuck in head

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arts musical

"Let the Children Play Introduction"

Intro to Let the Children Play by Peter

"Let the Children Play" song - By Victoria Altern (For Ciril & Patrick)

Adventure Learning

Wow - what an amazing young musician - artist in creation

"Break Away" song - By Victoria Altern

Angels in the snow. (original) - Victoria Altern -  2015 Now

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