The Quickening

An Advanced Seminar
Requiring Unbending Intent on Freedom

Experience “the Quickening”

…And cross a Threshold to never Be the same again!

To establish a clear connection with Silent Knowing is True Sorcery. Within every Human Being there is gossamer veil between the ordinary person and the Warrior Sorcerer / Sorceress. You will be offered the minimal chance to do a somersault of thought to pierce this veil. We will commandeer the creation of a Reality beyond what you have Dreamt Of, Hoped For and Aspired To with a boldness of Heart and Mind!

The pre-requisite for The Quickening

will be a Heart that Beckons Courage

and Dares to Know the Truth!

Listen to Your Heart…


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I was born free, free to live, free to love, free to be me,  "I am I, I am that I am, that what I am is that what I will to be, that what I will to be is that what I am, I am a human being with tremendous resources”


I can feel the forces of love within me, the force of life within me, I am free to choose, to choose to live life to its fullest, to have far more life out of life, more love out of love


Remembering, that what you fear, resides in the shadow of your mind, those fears are created by my mind.  As I let go of my fears and I focus my mind on the world of life, of love, of peace, of happiness, the shadows vanish.


The fears are the echoes of those shadows, and as the shadows vanish, the echoes subside, and I feel free, I am free, to be free is part of my nature. To love, and to live is to be free. I am alive and I can feel the tremendous forces of life within me...

The Quickening 2013

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The Quickening

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