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The Mentor Network: Meet our Mentors on a mission that are part of our Adventure Learning Online Community. What mission? The mission of sharing their value in terms of their unique teacher gifts of wisdom, knowledge, happiness and love. Simply, sharing everything they have and enjoying more Life and Living!

“To this one it makes a difference!"

You can make a difference by joining this growing online community. The requirements to become a mentor are simple but it is important for you to understand some pay-it-forward principles...

Meet the Pay-it-Forward Mentors
of the Mentor Network

The Mentor Network of Teachers and Mentors on a mission all lead very unusual lives. Our mentors and teachers carry an attitude of perpetual growth and learning. Even though they are masters in their own fields, they are also masters because they are always ready to learn something new.

Mentors in the Mentor Network

Andrew Pittendrigh
Andrew is and has been a guitar mentor for the better part of 10 years. However, his musical scope is not limited to the guitar as he is also known for his meditation and ambient music creations. Andrew’s passion for the art of music is easily seen through the eyes of his many students. He endeavors to assist those working with him to tap their own passion and encourages his students to find the path of freedom through creative expression.

Lysa Churchley
Feeling age is no indicator of wisdom, I believe that I can offer insight into the alternative fields of healing, such as reiki, reflexology etc. To me, life experiences happen to us all, yet it is those of us that are open to different perspectives and judgements that can take something from the experience.

Stan The Longman Friedberg
57 years old ... Std 6 woodwork and sums ... some varsity credits ... Applied Maths ... Physics and Computer Science... Sport and music experience. Computer Programming... I.S. Management.

Video and Sound Editing... And of course a member of the universe with some buddhism learning experience and most importantly a futurist dreamer.
PS not much writing experience...
Stan The Longman

Finbar Kilcoran
Finbar has pursued a life of value and celebration from the beginning. Finabr has a B.A. Hon. in Theatre and Performance and Classical History from the University of Cape Town. He is a practicing voice teacher, voice over artist, scriptwriter and actor. Currently he is completing a degree in traditional Psychology and Theology at UNISA. He looks forward to meeting and working with you.

Reyna Joubert
Great love for sharing thoughts and knowledge from experience and extensive reading. In other words teaching – I seem born into it. An innate love for people and the environment which we share with all creatures. Also some academic background.

Helena Lee
Passion for Life, seeking Love and taking my Freedom has led me into a labyrinth of experiences, searching always for more, wanting to find MY truth. I was born in Australia and early in life discovered that creating beauty and expressing it was my gift that showed itself through art, fashion design, food design and teaching it to my world. I learned quickly that the fastest way to learn is to put into action what you want to learn. So entering the business world was the most natural way to go, first venture being from the fashion world and into food businesses. Much success and enthusiasm led me into motherhood, feeding and nurturing my children and many others who sought caring, love and Life. Stepping into the world of alternative studies has enriched my life simply by putting into action what allowed my character and personality to stretch and grow. Having travelled an exciting maze to this point, service to Self and my world is still my passion. Life is creative, there is only Love and nothing can Be without Freedom.

Verena Thompson
Verena has a background in advertising, branding, graphic design and travel. Her passion for these has taken her to many interesting countries and on many wonderful adventures around the world. She has won many top international awards for her design work, including Gold Loeries, and Clio Awards. For the past few years she has had the opportunity through her work to travel extensively to countries such as Botswana and Malawi. Her love for Wildlife and the African Bush, combined with the graphic design experience, led to working on some exciting projects designing Coffee Table Books. Verena has two daughters who are a constant source of inspiration.

Ruby de Vere
I was born in England in the year of the Fire Rooster. I began my quest for knowledge at 15. Found my life teacher at 28 and have worked intensively with him ever since. Career-wise, I enjoyed twenty years of fun and hard work in film and television before quitting to be of more value to my world, to explore my world, my creativity and my full potential. I now spend much time on writing, poetry and travelling the world, celebrating life, learning and growing on the way.
In Loving surrender
Ruby de Vere

Louis Franco

Every Seminar I offer is a Work of Art. If you would like to become a Metaphysics or Esoteric Teacher, Louis Franco offers amazing Teacher Seminars...

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The Mentor Network

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Join the Mentor Network pay it forward project: An Adventure Learning Initiative in the sharing of skills, knowledge and wisdom in Living the Simple Life and Art… If you even suspect that you could be a mentor, then you probably are One. So why not join the Mentor Network. Be a person who is prepared to make a difference and offer your value to the world.

It is said that:

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.
The real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light.

By Plato

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