Techniques How to Meditate

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Learning techniques how to meditate properly is the single most worthwhile initiative that you can undertake. In the Bruce Lee movie the Circle of Iron, also known as The Silent Flute, the Teacher says to the student:

“Each morning, when I awake, like a scholar at his first class,
I prepare a blank mind for the day to write upon.”

What if every moment of every day, was a magical meditative experience, an adventure quest of your own creation?

What if you could be in a casual, calm, elegant, graceful and relaxed state of mind? What if you could be unruffled and totally present in all your relationship interactions? Could you be centred and calm in traffic, when performing a task or a project at work, or in stressful situations? What if you could feel relaxed and alive when encountering life and living?

What is
“Techniques How to Meditate”

When we hear a word like meditate or meditation, we often have traditional meanings, pictures, concepts and sounds flash through our mind, e.g. sitting in the lotus position, chanting mantras in a temple somewhere in the mountains, mystic bells, profound music, a retreat somewhere in nature, maintaining silence, breathing deeply, eyes closed, specific hand positions and being very serious.

‘How to Meditate’ is about being present in the moment and conscious that you are having fun consciously creating your reality. When you contemplate, pray, perceive, introspect or reflect you are in a meditative state. It involves breathing and self-awareness. True meditation happens at any time and in any place. It is an attitude, a state of mind and a way of being. It is when you prepare your mind like a blank canvas, to be painted on by the experiences of every day.

Why Meditate?

The Benefits Of Meditation

The most important benefits of meditation are happiness and joy because you begin to discover something that has been lost! It is said that in your heart there is a song. You have come here on a planet quest, a journey to your destination, to sing this song. Unfortunately, most never remember their song. In order to remember, it is required for you to clear the chatter or whatever stands in the way. How do you go about this?

Some preparation is recommended. You prepare the fertile ground by clearing your inner space when you begin to meditate and breathe purposefully. You begin to use meditation as a vehicle, a placebo, to achieve your dreams and wishes!

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Online Guided Meditation

It is important to start somewhere. When I started meditating I often used an adventure quest guide for the initial steps. The techniques how to meditate and taking the correct steps are essential to prepare that blank canvass. We invite you to explore…

Love and Fortune befriend the Bold!

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