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How to “Teach Only Love” is the theme of the Esoteric Teacher’s Training Course I offer. We always teach what we most need to learn. I need to learn to “Teach Only Love”!  How does one teach Love? How does one teach ‘The greatest force there is?’ This energy of the Goddess that manifests as a Primal Energy of Chaos or gentle, elegant Magic! Now, at The End of Time and Beyond, I believe that it is time we learn to “Teach Only Love”.


In this world of now, where most are experiencing Chaos in all aspects of their existence, there is a dire need to navigate these energies elegantly. Magic and Chaos is the energy of The Goddess that makes anything and everything possible… In order to monitor this energy, “DOING” in order to “HAVE” is futile! One has to “BE”… The “Foundation to Being the Esoteric Teacher” Course is to make it possible for individuals to learn to “DO” in order to “BE – COME” and “HAVE” the required attitude that will make whatever it is possible… according to the individual’s acquired paradigms. It has to do with Dominion, where the Supreme Authority we assume in our reality is fueled with the flames of Passion from our Heart. The time for this approach is now.

The program is designed to offer you a Foundation to Being the Esoteric Teacher as you move and live in Worlds!


This is an invitation to you to join me on a Fun Journey of Discovery, an Adventure into Extra-ordinary Magic and Unconceivable Love.


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The Esoteric Teacher Domain

To dare to do it your way! To dare to love as if you have never been hurt… To dare to open your Heart… To allow the Love in your Heart to be your only rule in judging and caring… To dare to let your light shine… To unleash your creativity and explore your Imagination… To create a safe space where one and all dare to be vulnerable and careless enough to tap into this incredible force of Love: “The One in Whom we Live and move and have Our Being”.


This is what we need to learn and to teach in 

and it can be done ONLY with Love!

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