Sunshine of your Love

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the Power of Love

This is a simple story about the Power of Love. The Sunshine of your Love I like to call it. The other day my daughter Victoria bought herself some yellow rosebuds with her pocket money for her bedroom. She has always loved fresh flowers. Two days later I heard her older sister exclaiming how beautifully they had opened. I went in to see what all the fuss was about. The yellow rosebuds had opened up so magnificently, in all their glory. Almost as if they were smiling. It was quite a display. Victoria’s reply was “of course they have opened beautifully! I kiss them every morning when I wake up, and before I go to bed.”

yellow roses

All you need is Love...

That evening I went in to say goodnight and found her kissing each and every rose, with such love and tenderness. I assumed she might kiss one or two and leave it at that, but each one was getting attention. I realized then that these flowers had responded to all the caring and nurturing, to this love that had been offered to them. I often find in daily life, it’s these small moments that make it special, if you have the eyes to see.

I marveled at the Power of Love, how much can be achieved by the gentleness and caring of a child. And how the simple things can teach us so much in that moment.

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