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Part of being an Adventure Learning Mentor, with a passion for Branding, is sharing that experience. After many years of following the trends of the top International brands, here are some thoughts on The Art of Successful Branding, from the Creative Lab Mentor Zone.

Branding can be a Non-conformity experience. Social conditioning tells us what is expected of us, and keeps us in little boxes. We are told what is ‘the right thing to do’. Inspiring brands with slogans such as ‘Just do it’ or ‘Think different’ give us permission to be different and still be successful. It gives us permission to go for our dreams, instead of settling for what’s expected. It’s about getting out of our comfort zones.

In the past success meant consistency and working for the same company for 50 years until retirement. In the Now Age, brands should rather encourage us to be innovative and flexible in the ever-changing times, by living our dreams now and not waiting for “one day”.

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior.
A brand that captures your heart gains commitment."
~ Scott Talgo

The Definition of Branding

A brand is a trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or manufacturer. What does that mean to an everyday person? The art of successful branding is the difference between a watch and a Rolex.

It’s the difference between a safe car and a Volvo.
Between a cup of coffee and a Starbucks coffee.

Put it this way: Try and take an iPod away from its owner and give them an MP3 Player instead. Then give the owner of an MP3 Player an Ipod and see what response you get…That’s branding!

What is the importance of Branding?

Successful Branding

A brand means image. It’s the image associated with the product or service. A brand represents the feelings and perceptions about quality, lifestyle, aspirations and status. Brands were originally developed as labels of ownership using a name, design or symbol.

Today, It’s what a brand does for people that matters more. How it engages them. How it defines their aspirations. How it makes a person feel. A brand with a powerful image can become the organizations most valuable asset.

People, who associate a brand with quality, will often be willing to pay more, compared to an unknown brand, even if it’s less expensive. The same product with a better image sells for more than a product with no image at all. If a brand has a high perceived value, they have many advantages over their competition. Especially when it comes to pricing. Why do you think people will pay crazy money for shoes with the Nike logo on them? It’s perceived value. They are buying quality and image.

The feelings and perceptions that Nike appeals to, is the talented, confident and successful competitor inside us. It identifies with the ‘inner athlete’. People attach to a brand the same way people attach to each other: emotionally. This is one of the keys to successful branding.

If you enjoy The Simple Life, and feel you can add to the Creative Lab Initiatives with a branding success story, send us your submission. If your passion is Branding, and you feel you would like to be mentoring in the Creative lab, we’d love to hear from you.

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