Strange Happenings
in My Dream

A Simple Life Mentor Submission

I experience some rather strange happenings in a dream I had the other night. My partner and I are having a scuba adventure, diving at a very rusted ship that is lying half submerged in about 3 metres of water. My partner gets out of the water and is standing on the tilted deck of the ship leaning over the railing while I am still looking at the soft coral that has attached itself to the bottom of this wreck.

I start surfacing but am still under the water when I become aware of a strange sound. There is a sucking noise and then a slapping sound which sounds like: Shluuup, swish and SLAP, shluuup, swish and SLAP. I jerk up out of the water and grab at the rusted stepladder at the side of the ship and start looking for the sound.

I am overcome by the sight: there are several enormous creatures swimming by and as they lift themselves out of the water and then slap down on the surface of the sea they make this peculiar sound which had frightened me so much. But what is more disturbing is their appearance.

They are dark coloured and the size of big humpback whales but instead of the rounded mouth of a whale they have huge flat appendages almost like scoops or the kind of beak of a platypus attached to their heads which accentuates the SLAPPING sound as they round out of the water and splash down on the surface of the sea.

I sense that they are aware of my presence but they continue past the ship and the strange sound gradually recedes in the distance. The strange happenings in this dream left me with a disturbing feeling of disquiet and even loss as I awake from my dream.

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Dream Meanings and
Dream Interpretation

Strange happenings like these are not uncommon in our night time escapades to other worlds. While dream symbols can assist with dream interpretation and unlocking the meaning of dreams, all the answers you’re looking for are within your Self. How did reading about this dream make you feel? It is usually the feelings that leave us with the biggest clues when interpreting dream meanings.

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