Sharing the Road

An Adventure Learning Sharing Initiative

sharing the road

The journey on the path to happiness starts with taking the first step. Sharing the road involves taking the initiative to share what you have learned, experienced and created with your fellow adventure travelers!

It has been said that it is in the giving that we receive, that true joy is to be found in sharing. This concept is to be found at the heart of adventure learning sharing initiatives. Do you feel you have incredible value to offer your world? The core concepts of Adventure Learning Initiatives are teaching, sharing and mentoring.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring! Do you care for yourself so much that you are willing to share your value with your world? Sharing the road with others will allow you to have a far more joyous experience in the game of life.

The adventure learning pay-it-forward project makes it possible for you to expand your circle of influence and make a positive impact on your world. Realizing that you have something valuable to offer is one of the first steps in becoming a self-actualized human being. This is a major key in becoming conscious that you consciously create your reality.

We all have within us unique teacher gifts. It is fulfilling to share these gifts with the world because it is sharing the song of your heart. If you don’t share your value, the world will be the poorer for it. Adventure Learning Initiatives is all about sharing in the adventure quest of life.


Share Your Unique Teacher Gifts

The various adventure learning sharing initiatives provide you with different opportunities and vehicles to express yourself and share your unique teacher gifts. These opportunities and vehicles include sharing your creative teachings, sharing your creative project ideas, or simply becoming an online mentor. Whatever your vehicle of choice, sharing your adventure quest with us and with your world will significantly enhance your journey on the road to happiness.

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