The Service Magic Philosophy
of Adventure Learning Initiatives

Do You Know the Service Magic Power of Love?

By singing the song of your heart you serve your world, the gifts that are uniquely yours cannot be expressed or shared with the world until you find that song waiting for your voice to be silenced.

Our philosophy is based on the Now energies of appreciation and service. But the magic of service is only known through experience, by experiencing the power of love for what you do.

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Our Vision of Service

When we launched Adventure Learning Initiatives we had in mind the vision to do something more than just offering information. We were looking for a way to offer people both valuable free information and a platform to assist people seeking to impact on the world in a more positive way, people who know the power of service magic.

It was while we were working on the concept of this site that one of our group pointed out that we are now in the age of service and appreciation. Now what does that mean? It sounds all very profound, but what do we mean by service and appreciation.

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What is the Magic of Service

The concept of service is best summed up in the following quote from the movie The Peaceful Warrior:

"This is a service station, Dan. There is no higher purpose."


To serve doe not mean to put oneself below others or to make oneself part of the servile class. It is not about sacrifice and self-abnegation. Service in the Now Age is about living your life, and by living your life you inspire others to live their own lives. That is true service. By singing your song so, those around you, begin to realise that they too, are allowed to follow their dreams. When you dare to share of yourself magical things begin to happen. When you commit yourself to serve a higher vision, your higher vision not someone or something else's, huge opportunities are made possible for you.

What better way to live your life than by doing what you absolutely love and getting paid to do it. With the energies of service and appreciation this is possible Now more so than ever before. So don’t hesitate, join our Service Master Marketing and Referral Forum. Set the song of your heart in motion. Serve your world and unlock abundance in your life.

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