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A Secret to Screenplay Writing
and Being an Artist

Screenplay Writing is subject to a secret that all truly creative people know. And it is a secret because it is only given to those who seek it. It is only given to those who are prepared to be unreasonable. It is acquired by those prepared to take the risk of embracing their creativity.

But….it is available to all.

This Secret is a mysterious ageless truth

We all have a song, or in this case a screenplay. A screenplay, in our hearts that is waiting to be sung or written. And this goes for every single person on this planet, NO EXCEPTIONS! The difference between an artist and a lazy, or misguided person, is the lazy person never ever listens to that story within themselves. Unfortunately the world around us would prefer that we don’t listen to this song or story.

Screenplay Writing is a Choice of Destiny

Why? Because most of the people around us have chosen to give up that song or story. They have chosen to settle for mediocrity and being realistic. That’s why this journey is so exciting. Through this process of short exercises, you are making it possible for yourself to start listening to that story or screenplay in your heart. The story that has always been there. Waiting patiently and quietly. Waiting to flow out of you onto the page.

Thousands of years ago stories were the property only of holy-men, high=priestesses, shamans and those of mystical involvement. Today, in many ways, this is still true, whether in films or in books.

Enter the Magic Theatre...

An ARTIST Has a Life NOT a Profession!!

an Undeniable Truth about Screenplay Writing

You are choosing, consciously, to live in the mystical realm of creativity. Where you are in constant communication with your SELF. Where you are creating amazing worlds, like a magician, through the discoveries that you make. And because it comes from the unique SELF that you are: The screenplay will be uniquely yours.

This means you have a wonderful responsibility as a writer. I can hear you saying WHAT? ME?....Yes. YOU! You see because your story is uniquely yours, you have a responsibility to tell it. If you don’t tell it, no one will. Someone may choose the same subject matter, but they won’t tell it the way you will tell it.

Screenplay Writing in the Can

For me, realizing that two people may decide to write on exactly the same topic, yet express it totally differently, is really exciting. It takes a whole lot of pressure off me in terms of innovation and creativity. Why?.... Because I trust my unique voice. I trust that the way I write a screenplay will be totally different in its perceptions and structure to the way some else will approach their screenplay writing.

It is said that between two opposite sides of an argument is the truth. Thus in every paradox you will find the truth. All truths are half truths. It is the space between two different people’s perceptions that we find new perceptions and truths. That’s how human beings evolve.

I'm Okay, My Screenplay's Okay

The thing with screenplay writing is to be okay with your story and with you. It’s your story and its how you see the world. Look at Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Copla. Both are Italian Americans. Both have written great gangster movies. But their stories and perceptions are totally different. But if these guys were stuck in the mentality of, ”oh it’s been done before,” neither would ever have made great movies like 'the Godfather', 'Mean Streets', 'Gangs of New York' or 'the Departed'.

Even in literature and art,
no man who bothers about originality will ever be original:
whereas if you simply try to tell the truth
(without caring two pence how often it has been told before)
you will, nine times out of ten, become original
without ever having noticed it.

C.S. Lewis

So that’s the first thing we are going to deal with here. It’s your perceptions and your story. There are a thousand Vietnam Movies. Funnily enough I went for a casting a year ago for a Vietnam Movie, that’s 2007. So some guys are still writing about Vietnam. New perceptions. New views. Same subject.

I am not saying you have to write on a big event, but what I am saying is no one has ever heard your version of something; your task is finding the courage for screenplay writing your way.

So here is your very first exercise for unlocking your screenplay writing talent:

Take 10 minutes and be with yourself, and only yourself. No pets, human or otherwise hanging around. Cell phone off. Radio, off. TV off.

Now write a list of all the people that have told you, you can’t do / have / be something / someone / somewhere. It doesn’t matter what kind of you can’t it was. Whether it was 'can’t be an artist' or 'you can’t have an ice-cream sundae.' After 10 minutes of writing, 10 minutes is barely enough but it’s a start, take that piece of paper and burn it. And as you burn it imagine that you are on a space ship and you are jettisoning all those people who said you can’t out the air-lock.

Good now we are almost ready to start the actual process of character creation, the beginning of the screenplay writing process.

Simply Love,
Finbar Kilcoran in association with
The Adventure Learning Secret Screenplay Imps

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