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Welcome to Allowing Screenplay Ideas to Surface, the third page on How to Write a Screenplay, courtesy of the Adventure Learning Initiative Arts mentors. Offering you instruction in the simple life of inspiring creative project ideas and actions.

This page is the very basic outline of allowing good screenplay ideas to surface. As an artist and a writer you are gifted with the ability to work in two important realms. That of the feelings And that of the mind. You use the mind to convey feelings and images that invoke feeling and perception. The best screenplay ideas often come when you are balanced both mentally and emotionally.

The writing out of the ‘can’t do people’ exercise on the previous page can cause a little bit of discomfort and at the same time a sense of release. Because you have carried those can’t does like a mill stone weighing you down. And those ‘can’t does’ block your screenplay ideas. So good on you for jettisoning them.

Healing Stimulates Screenplay Ideas Creation

The changes that will result from this exercise may be subtle, or hugely obvious to you. You may find new confidence with your creative voice and a greater sense of ease when approaching your creative work. In your life, I would suggest, if you have really done the exercise with a sense of genuine commitment, you will find that you have more self-confidence and self-esteem. These things are sometimes difficult to observe in yourself. But others around you do pick it up. When you are the one changing it is sometimes harder to see the results.

On this page we are going to deal with paranoia, time deprivation and bollocks anxiety. Our world at the moment is driven by deadlines and results. This leads to insane time constraints and complete creative melt down. If you are an industry veteran then you know what I am talking about. If you aren’t I am sure you have an idea of it. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, you know there never seems to be enough time and your are always expected to produce the goods.

All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind


How to Squash Good Screenplay Ideas

Creatively, working for someone else and not being in charge of the project is like extracting blood from a diamond. It’s near impossible. And even when you do get something out it’s like being assaulted and abused. Not a good space for allowing screenplay ideas to emerge.

Screenplay Ideas Squashed Before Reaching Celluloid

This process is about reclaiming your power as a creative. What does that mean? That means protecting you and your creative self. It means removing expectations and result driven activity. Replacing it with tenderness and self-love. And most importantly, casual allowing.

I can hear a lot of veterans going. HOW? When the producer is sitting on my head. The studio is paying my bills and if I don’t produce I’m done for.
The beginners are going: WHAT? If I am not getting results then what’s the point of doing the exercises?

Aha! Paradox number ONE.

True creativity. The creativity that comes from that voice within you, cannot be forced. It cannot be told what it must do. It hates expectations. It runs from overly defined and overly intellectual results. Bully it and it will give you the finger. No caring, no screenplay ideas.

It gives you the greatest results only when it is given complete freedom. It produces the most profound and mystical art when you love it and nurture it.

So How in the Hell do We DO THAT?

Right question.

Enter the Magic Theatre...

Great Creative Screenplay Ideas
Come from Your Inner Child

Your creative SELF is like a child. It wants to come out and play. But right now, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, I would suggest that your creative SELF does not trust you. And most definitely it does not trust your boss or anyone who tries to turn play into work. i.e. overly intellectual result driven activity.

Ponder on this for a moment: What does a child do when you tell him/her that he/she has to do something? And I am not talking about the good little boy/girl who wants to please everyone. I am talking about the free child. The one that knows she/he doesn’t HAVE to DO ANYTHING she/he DOESN’T WANT TO DO……..Yep, he/she throws a tantrum; or hides in the cupboard; or hides in the garden; or burns his/her homework.

So how do we re-instill trust between you and your creative SELF?

Now for some of you, this task is going to be a bit difficult. Why? Because it is a task in self-love, nurturing and tenderness. Remember the more you resist something, the more likely it is the one thing that you require to set your self free.

The exercise is very simple, but do not be blinded by its simplicity. For one hour, within the next week, pamper yourself.

What do I mean?
I mean that for one solid hour this week you are going to look out for you and only you. Book yourself a one hour massage. Or, go to the movies on your own. Or, take yourself to play arcade games. Go lie on the beach for an hour, on your own. Eat an entire chocolate Sundae with all the extras and take an hour to enjoy it, on your own. Buy some bath salts and recline in the bath for an hour with soft gentle music playing. Whatever pampering means to you. Do it. And, here’s the catch, do it on your own.

He who falls in love with himself
will have no rivals.

Benjamin Franklin

And don’t procrastinate. The longer you put this one off, the harder the tasks latter will be. And find a little creative lie to ensure that no one disturbs you during your you time. All lying is creative thinking any way. Do not allow anyone to get in the way of this special time. This is a gesture of regaining trust between you and your creative self. It is the quickest way to getting clear and focused screenplay ideas from within.

Simply Love,
Finbar Kilcoran in association with
the Adventure Learning Character Channelers

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