Robin Red Breast in the Cow Pat

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Once upon a time there lived a rather lazy little robin red breast. He spent most of his time eating and sitting in the trees. Even finding a mate was too much of an adventure for him. So it was that he never built a nest, never saw the beautiful country side around him. Except during winter time when, like all the other robins, he had to migrate south.

Robin Red Breast Hated Adventures

Now our little story begins at the onset of winter. Lazy little robin red breast had put off flying south for as long as he possibly could. He waited and waited and waited. Until eventually he was the last robin left. In fact the rivers and ponds were already beginning to freeze up when he finally left the cozy little hole he had in an old willow, and began his journey for a warmer place.

Unfortunately for this little bird he had left it so late that he didn’t really have a chance against the biting cold. And after only a few hours of flying he started to freeze. In fact he did freeze. He land in a field that was covered in frost. And there he lay, frozen through. Until something quite extraordinary happened. An old cow came along and shat on him.

Lazy Robin Learnt Nothing

The cow pat was so warm that the lucky little robin was saved from certain death. He was so happy at his luck that he poked his head out the cow pat and sang at the top of his voice. Just then a large ginger cat came prowling past. The cat couldn’t believe her good fortune.

She approached the little robin and said to him: “Well now little fellow, why are you singing so? You are deep in the poop.” The little robin replied: “I am singing because I am alive. This cow pat saved my life.” The cat purred: ”Yes that is true, but let me help get out of that dung heap. Surely you can’t stay there forever. It is time for you to be heading south.” The robin chirped: “Oh madam cat that would be most kind of you. I will be sure to tell all the other robins of your kindness.” The cat licked her lips: “ I am sure you will.” Then she dug the little robin out of the poop and ate him up right then and there.

With Love and Laughter
the Adventure Learning Red Breasts

An Adventure Learning Initiative

A question to ponder:
Look over your life and take in the times that you were the cat? How many times have you helped people to get out of the poop because of your own agendas? Can you identify those agendas? How did the other person respond to you? Now look at how many times you have been pulled out of the poop only to be faced with obligations and hidden agendas.

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