Practical Modern Metaphysics

Esoteric Mastery Stage 1

Metaphysics is the study of that which stretches beyond the comprehension of the physical mind and senses.  Esoteric pertains to that which is hidden. It is said that when the Gods created humanity they decided to hide all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe within us, knowing full well that within is the last place human beings would ever dare to look.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a species there is an ever increasing urgency within us, a restlessness that has reached a fever pitch, driving us forward. This restlessness, when harnessed, brings us to the realisation that we create our reality 100%. You are it.

Practical Modern Metaphysics is a program that lays the foundation, through a process of easy-to-follow steps, for balanced self-mastery, making it possible for you to embrace the call of your soul, and become the person with a life worth living.

Dates and Times
Wed - 28 September 19H30 – 22H30
Sun -  2 October 09H30 – 13H00
Wed - 5 October 19H30 – 22H30
Sun  - 9 October 09H30 – 14H00
Wed - 12 October 19H30 – 22H30
Sun  - 16 October 09H30 – 13H00

Investment: R2200.00 (R1990 if you pay in full on or before the beginning of the program)

Venue: To Be Confirmed

Practical Modern Metaphysics

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Practical Modern Metaphysics

Practical Metaphysical


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