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Welcome to the Inspirational Poetry of Love, shared by Cavalier Poets living the Simple Life. We invite you to share and enjoy these romantic passages and verses in the simple life!

poetry of love - metaphysical poet voices

The inspirational poetry of love
falling on your ears like manna from above.

Hear the rumble of metaphysical voices
like the murmuring of a thousand Rolls Royces.

Hear the Siren’s call
of the female poets of the fall.

Hear flutterings of a dove
in these words - the power of love.

Simply love
the Simple Love Bards

Metaphysical Poet Voices

A Poetry of Love Initiative

Phoenix Revisited

(the above graphic courtesy of the artist Wild Wind Fox)

little bird of fire
wing free in weeping sky
little bird of fire
who will not live a lie

little bird all burning
the truth flies from your beak
the sky will hold your tears
until you wish to speak

little bird of flame and breath
though little: lights the sky
overcome this little death
or never will you fly

little bird of fire
who sings to weeping sky
little bird of fire
Your love is not a lie

A Poem with Love
by Daniel Bernberg
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Daniel Bernberg and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

I Live, did You?

My caring for the world is an undying love.
I live for humanity.
When the final judgment comes:
if no one else is able to say
they have truly lived a full life,
as a representative of humanity,
I will at least be able to say that
I did.

On behalf of everyone on this little globe
I lived!
I respect the choices of others,
I stretch a hand of support
to those who stay behind,
but I do not molly-coddle them

I appreciate those who live with me
I am inspired and celebrate
those who have surpassed me

My affection and fondness for my race,
the human race,
is too great for me to be concerned
with forcing opinions on others.

I respect equally every human being’s right to live
a life of misery or of casual abundance
I do not do it for you,
I do it for myself and so
make it possible for others
to find the inspiration in my life
and actions that will allow them
to sing their own songs.

I hope you will find the time to touch me with your brilliance
and allow me the gift of touching you with mine.

With love
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 jOHNNY fERREIRA and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

Female Poets of the Fall

A Poetry of Love Initiative

Lost at Sea

Just a casual acquaintance
I met some time ago
Floating past my vision
To a rhythm all his own

I surrendered to his magic
While he smoked a cigarette
Wove me with his stories
Entangled in his web

I tried to grasp his essence
As he passed me on the stairs
He slipped right through my fingers
And caught me unawares

The ricochet of his laughter
Runs rampant in my head
Echoes through subterranean halls
Tossed on the wreck of my bed

Seeds of heartache and sadness
Scattered by desolate seas
Tattered flags of broken trust
Fluttering in the breeze

I never meant to bind him
I thought that we were free
My innocence defeated
Perished inside of me

The flotsam and the jetsam
Of love not meant to be
A careless phrase, damage done
The wreckage lost at sea

The driftwood of our friendship
Splintered on my desolate shore
A thing of precious beauty
Fractured to the core

With love
Ruby De Vere
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Rudy de Vere and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

I Want To Know

‘I want to know, not if you want an adventure out of life,
but if you are willing, completely willing, beyond all fear,
to say ‘yes’ to life and its adventure,
and then go all the way.
I want to know, not if you are scared to make this decision,
but if you will tap into your own very courage and commit
to the gift called life that is yours, or if you will say ‘yes’ to Life,
get absolutely terrified,
and go back, only to find you live your life in circles,
patterns after patterns, and the adventure of life’s essence now lost.

I want to know if you feel your own fear, carry your own fear,
and go beyond your own very fear.
Doing this does not mean denying it,
nor trying to lessen it in any way,
but to have the courage to hold it and let it hold you,
and in time, with persistence and trust in your courage,
to transcend it and reach beyond your own very limitations
and achieve and fulfill your own dreams.

I want to know if you can stand in a pile of gold
and honestly reflect your wealth and material health,
or if you merely were before greedy and remain greedy.
For it is not wealth that changes us,
it is only our attitude
to accomplishing higher goals of wealth
that we have the chance to fully experience its beauty,
abundance and our own maturity as adults.

I want to know if you can be surrounded by a circle of swords,
and stand in the middle with your own,
and honestly determine what is yours in life and what is not,
whose dreams and beliefs you are living –
yours or someone else’s,
whose life you are living –
yours or someone else’s.
I want to know if you can be surrounded by swords,
and if you can use your own to cut through the pettiness
and reach beyond, to your truth, and to your wholeness,
as a spiritual/human being.

I want to know if you can immerse yourself
in a dark deep pool of water,
without allowing the fear of being eaten
by any imaginary monster pull you back,
for that monster is your own.
I want to know if you can immerse yourself in a pool of water,
and feel your deepest, darkest and lightest emotions,
the intensity and childlike fragility of your own very soul,
without apologizing, feeling weak, or ever turning back.

I want to know if you can stand in the middle of a ring of fire,
letting it transform you and your old restricted selves,
allowing the power and forceful
yet delicate beauty of the flames cover you
and turn you into more of a prince or a princess
than you have already become.’

A Poem with Love and the Courage to Heal
by Deidre Le Patourel
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Deidre Le Patourel and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved


I thought you and I were acquainted
That is why you now feel vindicated
Through all of your narcissistic ridicule
I was the only one made a fool

You were overwhelmed and tried with passionate futility
The emotions that stirred inside of you were filled with enmity
Accusations so bold, overflowing with extravagant impiety
Insolence so visible, a wanton display of your vanity

Gratuitously you planned your fight
Exulted in your folly, now what is your plight?
You came forth with sacrilegious audacity
From you I did not expect such blatant profanity

To me you always appeared truly modest
This time you expected your actions to be evanescent
The scars you have left are now clearly manifest
Repentance from you will do little to quell my angst

A Poem of Betrayal
by Fatima Coovadia
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Fatima Coovadia and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

The Power of Love

A Poetry of Love Initiative

Maybe There Is Only Love…

‘Maybe there is only love beyond torrent anger and beyond chronic fear,
Maybe beneath any false smile and below
any slight wonder love feels near…
Maybe under skies of tints of hazy gray and under
rain of hard and solid ice,
Just maybe, maybe…love is the only right side of the dice.

Maybe with each song I hear and with each wind
that passes my small and quaint ear,
Maybe there is memory…perhaps of love that causes a soft tear…it is ok…?
For under pain and anguish and depression of which we may at times feel,
Maybe the only feeling is love, because maybe,
it is the only one that is real!

And when I feel my heart sound a true beat,
something that is new and never on repeat…
I can choose to listen and, to lose….to lose myself in my deepest yearning, indeed not to lose at all!
Or will I feel the beat…and fall…
The fine line of the mundane…and of fulfilling the yearning….
Burning so strong inside me it is like there is no sense,
At the same time…the completion feels so dense…

And the days tick on in this clockwork cartoon world,
And maybe our judgments once judged are not that absurd…
For perhaps if we look and we feel
some faint and powerful secret running through it all,
Maybe before you once felt you were great and now at times
you feel small…a piece of a piece of a piece…
Yet in between, perhaps where this faint line lies we can see each other – maybe for the first time…

So will we run - for how can we fathom to be
the same as that man on the street?
Will we feel guilty and go to the shop in a different direction in defeat?
Will we love, because we do,
and will we stop thinking for a second or two?
And when people around us seem to have not given themselves much,
Will we embrace in our own lives, not for better or for worse, but OUR lives – lives are lives, and such is such…

What is this veil to break through really in loving on neutral grounds?
I would prefer that I had Kings and Queens whom drew in their own cement, in their own sanded bounds…
for to draw our own bounds we may be free…..
but to draw them from others desire of us….who are we???

And with some stress and some survival too,
as that can be part of human resilience which rings true,
I feel I sense a love so strong – a love that can reach all of you
But you see it is my love and we all are not the same….
Although within that strangeness and that dichotomy,
we are after all, in the same game!

It is easy to become distracted from what we truly feel and want,
It is easy to side track ourselves into a togetherness that we later may learn is a repeat of the same chant…
And I feel I am searching still, and so I choose to write in prose,
For if I wrote the words with full stops, I may be cutting my growing rose…

Yes it is frustrating at times and it is beautiful too,
But how about it all being as it is, and me being me and you being you…?
So I look at the TV and I listen to what people want to attain – it seems around me, at times,
it is the constant comparison between success and fame…
And then the news comes on and
oh how bad the world is and there is no hope but to fear,
To fear and to protect ourselves from a world we are not even clear –
So where am I going with these words I hear my head say?
The bottom line really…is that LOVE may BE the only way…

Ever thought that we are in a cargo and we all sell love tickets for fun?
Ever thought this is our Disney land,
for Disney too had himself his own song…
Ever wanted to jingle your toes so much and get up and dance?
Ever thought why not let him or her in, because I feel like some romance?

And ever considered you are yummy just the way you are?
Ever considered the sun shining bright on you screaming:
‘You special star?’

With love…maybe there is only love…Imagine that!!!
And imagine you imagine making it real…’

A Poem filled with the Glory of Love
by Deidre Le Patourel
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Deidre Le Patourel and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved


Before I stand above the fire I am to be strong to melt into the flame,
Before I swim and nearly drown I am to feel as though never again.
Before I fly in pastel clouds I am to breathe the fire from within,
And before I stand on solid ground I am to know my feet are where I begin.
And with all these I stand somewhere, maybe in some foreign place
But without heart and all my love, how and what am I to embrace?
For if not I, then who will love me each and every step I take?
For if not I, then who will show my growth and my courage through a human mistake?
And if all is out there and none is mine
I may as well give up my nursery rhyme -
For without I and I alone
I will never reach my home

But with me and with others too maybe we can become something new,
For if we walk hand in hand, in trust to never never landÖ
Maybe we will hear a whisper of union and something will ring true!
When doubt prevails and I reach out I may be close to giving up,
But when doubt prevails and I reach in, squeezing the last drip from my dry cup.
And when all is dry and I stand in hope the water will flow -
Maybe first with tears, and then with rain and waterfalls -
But the water will flow with me standing tall.
And as it flows and the rainbow shines
I am beyond space and this so called time,
For a fraction of a moment so timeless and most real
I will discover I am made of steel.

And steel I am I march on, above the bristles and thorns and the hills over which I have climbed,
Over the dry and arid paths, beyond shelter and bare foot, naked to see what I will find!
And as I strip my last cloth I have,
I will surrender to that which I did not know.
But I become more of this knowledge deep within
Behind my masks, not in the flesh, not in the skeleton.
For if I stay still I may rot
And if I go back I am to be forgot,
But each and every day if I am anew
I will find what I always knew were true.

And with this knowing and courage kept tight
I hold onto what need be and let go of some with all my might.
To be my wings and let them shine
I am the Queen at which every moment I dine.
And the challenges made real are there to step on
Every way dealt with maturely, with every moment still whispering a song.
Alas I hear it sounding more clear,
I think I am going home now, I think I am nearÖ
A speckle that shines and a spark to not die
I lie in my wonderland and take my first real breath of sigh!

A Poem of growth and temperance
by Deidre Le Patourel
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Deidre Le Patourel and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

Ho' Oponopono

I love you
With a love
I don’t understand
To a depth
I cannot reach
And with an urgency
That pushes me
Trembling into
This abyss.

I am sorry
That what I was
Is shaping
This now
And blocking
Our path to joy.

Please forgive me
Forgive what I made
Forgive what I did
Forgive the poem
Of my life
In all its beauty.

Thank you
For the forgiveness
Thank you
For your hand
Thank you
For your love
As we soar
To the stars.

A poem of love
by Michael Corcoran
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Michael Corcoran and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

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All Poems Copyright © 2008 Louis Franco and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

Unconditional Love

Love without boundaries, I long to learn, To love another and not expect something in return, To love a child and let them be, And To look at myself and love no matter what I see.

There is this thing called the ego, which gets in the way And limits my abilities to love, almost every day, So I put it aside when I am aware, And I observe my love I have to share,

Wow ….it is truly there!

So I work with the tools that I have gained, For without them the Spirit is maimed, A small thing called awareness is a powerful sword It slashes through thoughts that start to hoard

Love is an amazing feeling that is best left uncontrolled, For if it is, misery does tend to unfold, Resentment is the by-product that can manifest Preventing love from being, that limitless treasure chest.

A poem of love
by Colin Thompson
One of the Simple Life Poetry of Love Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Louis Franco and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

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