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Mystery poet

Let the magical mystery poet maya
set your imagination a fire.

Short Poems in the haiku style of samurai,

give a distilled twinkle to the eye.

Simply Love
the Mystery Poet Maya

Mystery Poet Maya

Female Poets of the Fall


Haiku 1

Soft dew
Sunlight peeps
Newness begins

Haiku 2

Flashes of emotion
Connection begins
Journey where we may


1. Breathe

Breath touches me,
Whispering softly
No words
No touch
No Looks
Just breath
It is enough

2. Heart

The feel of you
Is different
with eyes closed.

The look of you
Is different
With eyes open.

The sense of you
Is different
With mind closed.

The truth of you
Is shown
With heart open.

Poems and Haikus
by Colette
Poetesse of the Simple Life Poets Cove

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Colette Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

Mad Poets of the Fall


We who assume
The limitation of flesh
And the tyranny of time
Reach back and
Reach forward
To what it is we

Engendered of spirit
And cast into
We do not lose
All of who we are.

Of you and
I take care
For we are
Only one
We are a fire
Made substantial
By the wood
It ignites.

We are breath
That takes
Us into ourselves
All that IS
Is love.

A poem of love
by Michael Corcoran
One of the Simple Life Poet Maya Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Michael Corcoran and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

haiku oh

the ultimate kiss
lingers softens and devours
and you hold your breath

haiku timeless

the old dragon shrugs
her scales shower molten flakes
slits glint glimmer green

haiku observing

that quiet motion
as hand tucks hair behind ear
a quick look a sigh

haiku joe

persia siamese
big white puddle in armchair
a silent miiaaow

haiku now

i must go she said
uncertain stilted silence
fine he said i’ll phone

haiku uh-oh

broken emotions
a sharp laugh from hard corners
a hidden soft look

haiku life in the big city

saxophone blares blue
i sit in the lace curtain
synchopated stare

haiku primordial soup

life beginning new
a green thought in a green shade
one awesome leap too

haiku being

white tokoloshe
body being erupts in joy
what do you see blind?

haiku akiro

artist expression
free flow thought entangled mind
poring emotions

haiku nath

i love you baby
stay my everchanging moods
threads link dark feelings

haiku ons land

dassie blaas verbaas
wie kan die murgbeen pyn keer
ouvolk knik sy kop

haiku astal water babies

oom eugene krap kop
colonise their culture dear
obliterate all

haiku heights

earthpower outcrop
lifeblood flows into road cut
erect the fences

haiku five years

unexpected you
came in ruffled my con
you worry me some

haiku aiki

to create power
first be very calm quiet
then eye of the storm

haiku the way

one mobility
relaxed rotation one breath
one sinking centre

haiku mique

index silver ring
evokes memories of you
your hands almond eyes

haiku gary

a view of the lights
river of life passing by
up here on these heights

haiku basquing

je m’enfou i said
these dreams so good of you
je t’aime je dirais

haiku for us

urban wasteland sprawl
televisions and driveways
where did they all go

haiku dominique

satisfy my soul
oh the five short years we shared
so don’t rock my boat

haiku who

other eyes reflect
yesterday is a breath away
apocalypse now

haiku icy blind

petre rapp snap crap
fades to bliss obscurity
i see blind and you

haiku billy

am i blue or mauve
what a little moonlight can
do for you she said

haiku front seat

loose shirt car bizarre
bodies soft pulse deep convulse
ecstatic white flush

haiku early birds

warm shrill nudge stumble
tear threads between sleep and wake
don’t waste dawn rhythm

haiku violent water women

prophet is a fool
standing on the edge of mad
god is a girlscout

haiku master

soft flow and speed hard
extension into beyond
ringing bell booooiiiiing…

haiku kurtz

every man must
travel into his dark heart
and find who lives there

haiku the other

where dark takes on new meanings
a-maze dumb mothers

haiku burn baby burn

your bedraggled hair
anchored in reproachful spite
where did the time go

haiku toadmeat

a highway at night
rush convulse eternal scream
crickets snuff silence

haiku no dreams

dignified walking
is what the old have to do
to hide soiled undies

haiku kara-te

stan the main boss man
blends and directs the changing
the spirit endures

haiku abyss

leap into the chasm
as i jumped she let go
i whipped up away

haiku ag shame

t albinoni
adagio in g minor
music for sad films

haiku let go

the shadow region
where mind clings to rockface tree
solitude clings sigh

haiku untouchable

everything returns
and nothing remains the same
the river of life

haiku love

some days you wear green
the right colour on that day
entwines your aura

haiku goddess

sixty six fire horse
chaos and turmoil surrounds you
engulfs disarrays

haiku ice we

the calmness of you
is blissfully unaware
shattered spent remains

haiku cat

blue eyed william
dives his shoulder at your leg
purs n sits n purs

haiku dive

when you dive under
curving away through the blue
the rhythm divine

haiku sweet j

mottled hazel eyes
expresses more emotion than
your serious mouth

haiku one

visual tension
that i could melt into you
wrapp’d in n around me

haiku real

we spent endless time
hush you are in a story
i overheard told

haiku hey

here she comes again
comes on like a woman
unfolds like a child

haiku alone

late at night she comes
treads lightly on my eyelids
body arcs away

haiku cafe

as you talked to him
your aura reached out to me
i knew he wasn’t there

haiku inhale

inhale melt clouds
surging extended flow glide
soul surge in ribcage

haiku remember brown eyes

don’t you always find
the closer we get the more
i forget your face

haiku enticed

at cafe le chic
you leant across the table
i floundered at last

haiku you and me

about you i know
nothing and everything
soulsmate and lover

haiku here

we are here timeless
connected across oceans
endless bliss moments

haiku come on in

unexpectedly you
irrespectively ruffled
you worry me some

haiku see

in the field we meet
the valley of living life
out here there beyond

haiku are you ready

die to delusions
wanting the truth and freedom
give a fierce struggle

Simple Life Haikus
by Louis Franco
One of the Simple Life Cavalier Poets

All Poems Copyright © 2008 Louis Franco and Adventure Learning Initiatives
All rights reserved

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