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Why do we offer world project Adventure Quest workshops and seminars? The simple answer (is anything but simple) is to make it possible for you to discover a song of freedom in your Heart that is waiting to be sung and to find something or reclaim something. Something that was either taken from you or you have lost or hidden it along the way. There is a process that most of humanity goes through before they reach this point to really play the game of life.

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Are You Ready for a World Adventure Quest?

Have you ever wondered if there is a bigger picture to the game of life? Are there patterns that explain your life experiences in the moment? Patterns and events that seemingly appears simple and unconnected on the surface…

Perhaps, as you begin awakening your Intuition, on the way to silent knowledge, you discover the complete connectedness of every moment. Each event is a part of a pattern that reveals a profound journey into mystery and magic pointing the way to your real journey to freedom.

Journey to Freedom

Our World Current Events Program

Our Planet Quest Courses in Three Simple Steps:

Step One: Free Online Learning

Experience the many facets through our:

What is In It for You? We always strive to offer unequivocal value in our free online courses. Many participants prefer to work online only for a few years. You gain all the benefits of online learning and accelerated distance learning and then you assess if it is for you.

Step Two: Online Learning Resource

Online Courses in the Learning Channel:

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Online Specific Accelerated Learning Courses

World Project Adventure Quest Preparation

We start our adventures with free online accelerated learning in the form of tasks, exercises and experiential learning. The value you gain from online adventure learning is phenomenal.

What a View - See Escorts

Step Three: World Current Events

A Planet Quest of Overseas Adventure Travel

Many companions on the journey have discovered the meaning of dreams by coming on learning adventures in the last ten years.

See our Travel Diary of Dreams…

Only Love
Louis Franco

Travel Diary Sphinx in Egypt

Recorded Live Audio Teaching - Click Here

Enter the Magic Theatre...

World Current Events: (Free Online)

Dream a Little Dream Journey – Don’t Stop Online!

One – The Quickening

One – The Quickening

A Freedom Call for a Journey of the Sorcerer. Previous participants have called it the quest for the ultimate shamanic journey of a lifetime.


Simplicity – Somewhere in the World.

A Course by Invitation only because it is: "Too Simple” for our sophisticated world

What If – A Journey of Hope

What If – A Journey of Hope 

A Wow Quest in the Amazon Arena

We start a Planet Quest with online adventure learning in the form of tasks, exercises and experiential learning. From there you can decide if you are ready for overseas adventure travel and a fantastic journey to the edge of possibilities and probabilities…

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