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Contribute to Phoenix Mythology. Engage the Power of Myth and share a Phoenix Myth of your own creation with us and the world.

What is a Myth?

A Phoenix Myth is a myth about transformation, the changes that the characters go through on their adventurous journey. The Power of Myth is explored both in the Heroes Journey of Ancient Myths and imaginative Modern Myths. Mythology Stories are filled with archetypal memories and mythology symbols that stir our unconscious mind, our cellular memory and our awareness of a grand scheme of things!

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You have heard of the Phoenix bird, a magnificent mythical bird. The Phoenix bird stretches its mighty wings as it soars above the land. From a great height it looks at the world. The Phoenix bird flies over the oceans, deserts, the forests, over the cities and the villages.

Soaring Phoenix Bird

Its wings are tattered and torn from its journey but it is born by the wind as it spirals up. It is the last flight and it feels the need to land somewhere to rest.

There in the distance is a mountain with a peak and it picks a spot on top of the peak on a little plateau. With its last remaining strength the Phoenix bird stretches its wings and talons and lands heavily on this plateau.

Phoenix Bird Consumed Flames

Very soon it will all be over, the bird shall die, be purified, cleansed and transformed.

Then there is the smell of something burning and there all around the bird a ring of blue flame appears. Slowly the flames approach and the bird calls upon the strength of desperation to save itself and to survive. It flaps its wings to escape, but this only fans the flames and instead of getting painfully scorched, it decides to surrender. All the flames converge at once and it is engulfed by the flames…

The Phoenix bird is consumed by the flames and its body crumbles into ashes. But there is a part that still remains, a part beyond time and space that is indestructible. And there a warm moist wind picks up in the form of a mini whirlwind and gently moves towards its ashes. The mini tornado dips into the ashes and sucks up the ashes. Out of the ashes a new bird is born, with new strength, new power and vitality. Filled with the Life force, the bird takes off, flaps its wings with no effort at all, and starts soaring and gliding above the world…

Phoenix Mythology:
The Power of Myth and Mythology Symbols

There are many meanings, mythology symbols and applications for the Phoenix Bird myth. Here are some beginnings...

Phoenix Mythology

When you go through a transformation, you make a somersault of thought, you see things upside down and inside out.

The idea is to let go of various aspects of life that are holding you back, those parts of your life that are redundant, that are holding you back from the fullness of the moment, that are limiting you and restricting you.

By seeing things from a different viewing point and then many different viewing points, you die to a world, in order to be born again anew, into a new world.

To be born again, to surrender to the fire of change when you feel the time is ready. Its not always easy to go through major changes but it can be elegant depending on your commitment and attitude. When energy has been set in motion for growth and change, do not waste it. Rather follow through with the momentum or transmute the energy. Otherwise you will create a wobble that is difficult to dissipate and often you are caught beneath a ceiling for a couple of years - or lifetimes!.

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Phoenix Mythology:
A Phoenix Myth

Phoenix Mythology: Adventurous Journey

Contribute and share with us at Phoenix Mythology. Share a Phoenix Myth of an adventurous journey and / or transformation of your own creation with us and the world.

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