Pay it Forward

The Art of Sharing

Pay-it-Forward and Share!

To Pay it Forward is the art of sharing in every aspect of life to become a fully self-actualised human being. In the movie, Holy Man, the character called ‘G’ tells the story of the thousands of starfish that had washed up on the beach. In the story he sees a little girl throwing starfish back one by one into the ocean. G asks the little girl how it can make a difference, because there are so many starfish. The little girl throws a starfish back and says:

“To this one it makes a difference!”

The Adventure Learning
Circle of Life

4 Pay it Forward Initiatives

Do you know about the fulfilment and power of service, sharing and tithing? Service to your world is an elevated level to play the game of life. Do you know how paying forward a small percentage of your time, knowledge or wealth can create a snowball of abundance in your life?

How You May Share

For Artists, Mentors, Benefactors, Patrons,
Teachers, and Adventure Learners

1. Mentor on Life Experience from Living the Simple Life

2. Mentor Apprentice Artists on Inspiring Creative Project Ideas

3. Artists Showcase Art as Creative Labs' Exhibitionists

4. Benefactors and Patrons support the What-If-Fundation

“To this one it makes a difference!”

Adventure Learning

The Adventure Learning
Circle of Life

4 Adventure Learning Initiatives

Part of tapping into your true abundance is based on your ability to tithe and share. The more you share of yourself and your own knowledge with others the more is shared with you. As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above…

How We Share

For Practitioners, Consultants, Teachers,
Mentors and Adventure Learners

1. The What-If-Fundation: Our Profit Share Commitment

2. We Teach Adventure Learning

3. We Mentor Teachers and Mentors

4. We market you in our Service Master Referrals Forum

5. Read an Interview with Patrick Desplace one of our hot teachers

“To this one it makes a difference!”

Our Pay it Forward Project

The Art of Sharing

Adventure Learning Initiatives are dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit. We encourage a mindset of freedom through the sharing of knowledge and wisdom. According to universal principles of Sharing:

"We are in the time of pandemics!
Unleash a pandemic of abundance in your own life the sooner
you share and pass on your newly acquired
skills, knowledge and wisdom…"

Adventure Learning

Service Magic

Our Marketing and Referral Forum

Dare to Share. Contribute as a Life Mentor, Artist Mentor, Showcase Artist or as a What-If-Fundation Benefactor. Support those making a difference to the world. Our mission is to share our abundance of life experience through pay it forward initiatives and teaching. So, if you dare to Share apply to one of our programs. See more info on ‘How We Share’…

“To this one it makes a difference!”

Only Love
The Adventure Learning Holy Men and Women

Service Masters

Paying Forward Their Value

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