Patrick Desplace

Introducing an Extraordinary Man!

Patrick Desplace immigrated to Australia from Mauritius at the age of 23. He began his career by studying physics at Cambridge University and Australia’s Macquarie University. Patrick obtained a PhD, but he does not use the title, simply because he believes that this conventional achievement is not as relevant as the work he has devoted himself to over his last twenty five years.

After working as a scientist for the Australian government Patrick sought to broaden the dimensions of his knowledge by further studying Hypnotherapy and conventional Psychotherapy. Patrick pursued his quest for knowledge with a Tibetan Lama from the Essene Mystery School and the Rosicrucian Order where he was initiated into Hermetics and the Kabala.

It was on the basis of this rare combination of valuable wisdom that Patrick Desplace founded various organizations: The Australian School of Esoteric Studies, the World Development of Human Resources and currently Finance Mondial. A fundamental principle in the philosophy of these organizations encourages self-empowerment and the unique path of each individual. These organizations provide tools to fulfil unimaginable potential without creating a dependence on ritual or dated belief systems.

Patrick has spent most of the past 20 years travelling the world with his wife Nina and his daughter Isabel. He has shared his wealth of knowledge and life experiences with people in over 30 countries. Patrick lives his life’s passion, which is to show people how metaphysics can transform their lives. He is a formidable teacher and healer with the ability to guide and Inspire people to go beyond what they ever imagined they were capable of.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark.
The real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light.

By Plato

It is said that sculptors look at a block of granite and allow the block of granite to reveal to the artist what it yearns to become. That is what Patrick does – he sees you, not your patterns, your worries, your fears, not your masks. He sees you; the amazing individual that you are and makes it possible for the excess, that which does not belong with you, to fall away. He tells you right from the start that all he can do is give you the minimal chance to glimpse your power, your love, who you really are and that you are the only one who can claim them. His courses are about just that – becoming, becoming your destiny.

Patrick Desplace will be offering various workshops and private consultations in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009.

A Descended Master - Autobiography - Patrick Desplace

Interview with Patrick Desplace

Seminar with Patrick Desplace

Patrick Desplace

Private Consultations: Healing

Patrick guides you through your own individual healing experience. He uses different techniques to assist in releasing energy blocks, as well as balancing and realigning the body to its natural state. He brings to your attention limiting decisions you have made or you have allowed others to make for you through your indecisions.

Through the healing process, you are presented with options and are given the support on whatever level you are willing to receive and accept it, to revise that which has limited you from living the life you deeply desire. You will be able to make choices that can change your life significantly and in a purposeful manner. It is recommended that you allow a little time in solitude after the session in order for the full impact of the healing to take place.

Sessions last approximately one hour.

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