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Online guided meditation may be used as a valuable personal learning process. Before integrating techniques of how to meditate and relax, into my life, I had to start somewhere. For more than 40 years I had many teachers and mentors who gave me keys and pointers. I was always willing to be a student. I was never a seeker. Seekers never find. I was a finder…

Many years ago, I had reached a point where I started feeling that I was not living my life. I felt: “Oh my God, my life is seeping through my fingers…!” I was sincerely searching for answers to some life questions: What is it all about? Where am I going? Who am I? How can I really live life?

The right answers started turning up. One of the unique teacher gifts I received was the statement:

You Have Been Looking For Answers…
The Answer to Your Question Has Found You. All answers are wrong!
When you ask the right question – you won’t find the right answer.
The right answer will find you!!!

Online Guided MeditationWhere to Begin?

All life changing stories begin at a fork in the road. The fork in the road is often when you really begin asking. Ask and you shall receive: I was introduced to meditation techniques that focused on breathing and relaxation. The ways to meditate and breathe were simple, but effective, with extensive long-term benefits. I also began learning about the meaning and power of the chakras. When I began meditating I often used an adventure quest guide for the initial steps. And the steps are essential to build a solid foundation.

The process, the exercises and the steps of how to meditate require some commitment, but you only have to do them once! We have made the process and the first steps available in the form of free online learning. When you go through the process, meditation and relaxation become a natural part of your new life. As Neo says in the Matrix:

“Ah, upgrades!”

If you would like to visit a website on the practices of meditation that is sober, simple and packed with goodies, then go to This is a great site for a wealth of information on and around meditation: A real Pay it Forward website rich with info and insights.

Enter the Magic Theatre...

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Share in our meditation initiatives as you move through various levels of information, knowledge and wisdom. The different types of online meditation tips, breathing exercises and relaxation meditations are not basic. They are a unique foundation of the adventure and celebration of life, a new life, a new day!

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We like to pay it forward as you upgrade by downloading our free online learning teaching bytes. Our Meditate On It initiatives are experiential adventures, making it possible for you to become more than you have ever imagined...

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