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Welcome to Online Garden Design, an initiative on living the Simple Life. We hope you enjoy the beginning of this online journey of designing and developing your own Mystical Garden. The following garden design initiative provides you with all the tools necessary so that you can plan and design a Mystical Garden. You may also design a flower garden or a fairy garden around the concept.

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Planning a Mystical Garden

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A mystical garden should be designed for reflection - simple and peaceful, a place of adventure and learning about your inner self, without any external influence. Remember, the objective of a mystical garden is to reconnect to your “Inner Self”, bridge the conscious with the unconscious through meditation and reflection – Get to know the “I”.

This is your own reflection, your own purpose. You can incorporate fairies or other beings into your garden as you so desire. Outdoor Garden Water Fountains and Water Features can be planned into the garden design ideas, as can pot gardening. The possibilities are limitless.

In order for a mystical garden to manifest I would suggest one follow some basic steps. These include garden planning, design and implementation followed by celebration of Mother Nature in the use thereof. I will focus primarily on the garden planning and design on these pages.

Online Garden Design

Planning your Mystical Garden

Some key aspects to planning your garden include connecting to your creative inspiration. Since we are looking at mystical gardens that reflect your inner God, it is your creation, your Garden of Eden to create. Spend time looking at what you have and reflect on this.

The potential of you garden can be infinite, where the positive aspects of your current situation can be expanded infinitely (Remember you set the score!) and the negative turned into the positive. For example, what appears to be a dull side area of your house can be turned into a Magical forest, areas for the faeries to play, including yourself? Aspects you should bring into your Online Garden Design at the planning stage include the elements of earth, water, light and fire and these are to be cemented with the power of love.

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