The Naked Beauty on The Beach

An Adventure Stories Riddle
The Question of Judgment

Naked Beauty

A young woman was lying on a beach tanning in her naked beauty. Her healthy bronzed body exposed completely for all to see.

A religious man walked past her and thought: “Oh how terrible, how sinful, how evil.” He stomped past her in righteous indignation, trying not to think about how much he actually lusted after her.

Then a sexual pervert walked past and stared at her eagerly. Suddenly he rushed past her and hid behind the closest sand dune. There he imagined all the terrible and lascivious things that he would do to her.

Then an artist walked past. He was enraptured with awe by this young woman’s natural beauty. He was so awe inspired that he rushed home straight away and began painting the woman, hoping to capture her forever on canvas.

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A question to ponder:

Whom, of the three men, is correct in his response to the naked woman?

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