The Monkeys
and the Sorcerer

A Freedom Tale from Adventure Stories

Once upon a time there lived two monkeys. These two little apes where stuck in a rather uncomfortable predicament. They were trapped in a cage at a luxury resort on a tropical island. Everyday the tourists would come and look at them in their cage. They would smile and take pictures of the two apes.

A Monkey Faced with Magic

Because of the attention they were given, the two would prance about and try to open the cage. The larger of the two would even reach his hand through the bars and try to undo the wire that was holding the cage door closed. In the trees around the resort wild apes would watch the two and call them to simple freedom.

Then one day a wise and powerful sorcerer happened to stop by at the resort. He was having a few days off from his world adventures and chose the resort as the perfect spot for re-charging his batteries.
On his first day at the resort he observed the monkeys hopping about trying to get free. And so, early the next morning, before any of the other tourists were up, the sorcerer got out of bed and walked over to the cage.

The master of magic casually lit a cigarette and look about to make sure no one was watching. And then he undid the wire tying the cage door closed and flipped the door open. The two captives observed him closely. They could feel this man was no ordinary man and they were unsure about how to behave in front of him.
The sorcerer stepped back expecting the little apes to make a dash for freedom.

Instead the smaller one cowered in a corner ignoring the open door. The larger of the two put his head out of the cage and looked about. He then clambered onto the top of the cage and stopped there. He looked at the sorcerer and then back at his smaller companion. Then he jumped onto the cage door.

At that moment the grounds man of the hotel came up the path and saw the cage was open. The grounds man began yelling at the monkey at the top of his voice. Then the bigger of the two did something that the sorcerer did not expect. Instead of dashing up the path and off to freedom and the trees, the larger monkey gently slipped back into the cage. It even pulled the door closed behind itself.

A Monkey Pondering an Adventure Learning Experience

  The next day the sorcerer went out for a stroll around the grounds. His route just so happened to pass in front of the cage. There was a group of tourists standing around it taking pictures and smiling as usual. The two captives were putting on their act of responding to the freedom calls from the trees.

But when the larger ape saw the sorcerer in the crowd he abruptly stopped his escape act and went and hid in shame in the corner.

With Love and Laughter,
the Adventure Learning Masters of Magic

An Adventure Learning Initiative

A question to ponder:

How many times have you played at being the monkey? Scan over your life and observe at least one time that you stayed in the cage. Now find a time when you left the cage. Focus on what you felt and thought. See if you can find that space and carry it with you as best you can through your day. Every single one of us have left that cage at least once in our lives. So if you say you can’t remember then you are sabotaging yourself.

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