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Shadowy archway overlooking Monaco SeaMonaco stairway to paradiseMonaco, a symphony of culture
A shadowy archway opens up to a magnificent expanse of ocean. Monaco is filled little photographic gems like this one.Monaco isn't a good place for those who don't like climbing stairs. But if you don't mind you'll be well rewarded - the view is spectacular!You can find some really awesome works of art in the many parks that are scattered throughout Monaco. I found this on of the violins particularly striking!

Beautiful Monaco Architecture glistening in the sunlightStunning Monaco buildings abounbMonaco, just how many buildings can you cram into one space?
Even though the buildings in Monaco are old, they are kept in excellent condition. This one is gleaming in the sunlight.Monaco is a very, very busy city. It's hard to believe that they have been able to fit so many buildings in such a small space!The cityscape view of Monaco are stifling. Your eyes can wonder for hours on end spotting new and exciting things!

In Monaco, the gardens on the roof!Monaco has the perfect blend of classic architectual charm and modern livingThese beautiful old doors are scattered all over Monaco
With such limited and prime real estate, there seem to be more gardens on the roofs in Monaco than on the ground!Another busy cityscape flanked with the wealth and opulence.As you wander around Monaco, you're bound to come across plenty of these old and charater filled doors. Each one leads your imagination on a magical journey.

The whole of Monaco is filled with tranquil beauty and immacualte gardensMore beautiful gardens to relax in in MonacoPreparing for one the most soughtafter events in Monaco - The Grand Prix
The parks in Monaco are a major attraction. They are well tended too and filled with beautiful ponds and flowers.Talk about an idylic setting for holiday. This is just one of many stunning gardens that populate the city of Monaco.Grand Prix time! Monaco is home to one of the most exciting formula one GP's in the world. Here you can see them busy setting up for the big day!

Monaco is home to some of the most luxurious yachts in the world.The amazing Holland America Noordam docked in the Monaco HarborMonaco at night is like a christmas tree hooked up to a 10 million megawatt power station
In the laps of luxury. There is certainly no shortage of fancy yachts and fast cars in Monaco.The amazing Holland America Noorday docked in the Monaco Harbor. I ship I had the pleasure of sailing for 5 fun filled months!Monaco at night is a sight that is not easily forgotten. There are so many lights it is almost blinding!

Ah, the glorious panoramas of MonacoMonaco is build high up from the ground.  This turret is overlooking the huge expanses of ocean.The Monaco beaches aren't quite the white sands of the Caribbean, but pretty none the less.
A perfect depiction of Monaco at its best. The whole city is tightly hugged by a series of high hills and cliff faces.When you do decide to brave the hundreds of stairs in Monaco, you'll be greeted with one of the most spectacular views I've come across.Not too many people grace the beaches of Monaco. Must be that there are so many yachts in the harbor to sun yourself on.

This, a picture of the stunning old wall that surrounds the top of MonacoA Monaco Guard tower of note!Two lovers forever embracing one another in one of the magnificent parks in Monaco
The whole upper part of Monaco that faces the ocean is surround by this huge, old wall. A marvel of human architectural achievement.

Turrets like this one are found all around the wall surround the top part of Monaco.There is no shortage of art like this in the many parks in Monaco. This one really struck a chord in me, two lovers forever embraced in an intimate pose.

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