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Our Teachers and Mentors
Are Sharing the Road of Value

The Adventure Learning teachers and mentors are on a mission to pay it forward by sharing the road of value and passion. All our teachers are full-time students and part-time teachers. They are full-time students of living a quality simple life and the celebration of that life.

Our teachers and mentors have a wealth of unique teacher gifts in: storytelling; simple meditation techniques; magnetic healing, relationship communication; life skills; soft skills; dream building and dream research; simple metaphysics; expanding creative borders; and world adventure quest seminars. They are part-time teachers sharing their passion, knowledge, value and wisdom from their experiences and life lessons.

“What you are going to find, where you are heading, depends very much on your journey Now. If you look at the various experiences of your life: Where it was a grand adventure, when you got there, you will see that the journey there was very pleasant. When you were very disappointed, when you got there, your journey there was most unpleasant. That is the way life works…”

Adventure Learning

Heroic Missions Available
from Adventure Learning Initiatives

There are three ways in which you can participate with Adventure Learning Initiatives. Each way makes it possible for you to improve or change your life.

  1. Enjoy the benefits of online learning and online courses.
  2. Take the next daring step and choose to travel to a world adventure quest seminar or course.
  3. Contribute and pay it forward. Become a teacher or mentor online by submitting and sharing your work. Some of the ways of sharing are: practical and conceptual ideas on living life and all creative endeavors; online courses; valuable content in your field of expertise; unique teaching ideas; works of art and personal profiles.

Step off the mission desk and take the leap into a world of adventure and learning. Initiate your first grand escapade with us and begin benefiting from our free Adventure Learning online community.

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Adventure Learning

Our Hot Teachers from the Mission Desk

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The steps to becoming a teacher

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Sharing and Pay It Forward

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Sharing and Mentoring

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Inspiring Stories About Teaching and Learning

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Enchanted Learning Initiatives

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The Online Learning Adventure

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