Michael Corcoran Biography

In 1995 Michael Corcoran began an inner transformation through the exploration of the metaphysical and the spiritual world. In the exploration of this inner realm Michael rediscovered poetry. He began writing in 1997 and ‘Walking on Air’ is his first book.

In 2005 he attended Tomorrow is up to You, a course run by Patrick Desplace in Cape Town, South Africa. Much of the work of this course focused on reenergizing the Tarot. During the process he discovered that the Tarot is a tool for taping into the same inner world he was tapping into to write his poetry. It seemed only logical to combine the power of the Tarot with the magic of poetry. ‘Walking on Air’ is a result of that combination.

He is currently working on a website where poems dealing with metaphysical and spiritual topics will be available. He believes passionately in the power of poetry as a tool to help us explore our inner selves and shape our lives.

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