Mentors on a Mission

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Mentors on a mission

Mentors on a mission have something to share. Do you have knowledge in a field of life or the arts? Do you feel you understand the benefits of being a mentor? In any field of knowledge one of the main benefits is that you accelerate your learning by passing on what you have learned.

I found that becoming one of the Adventure Learning Mentors on a Mission has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors I have ever embarked on. Through the process of committing to this sharing initiative I have gone through a complete metamorphosis and numerous keystone learning experiences. The profoundest lesson was that I started to realize how little I really knew about the world around and within me.

In mentoring I discovered new worlds in my chosen disciplines of the creative performing arts and teaching in the fields of metaphysics, healing and different types of meditation. The more I taught, mentored and shared what I knew, the more I learnt and grew in each field. Soon I realized that there was an amazing positive feedback cycle that happens between a good mentor and student. The student becomes the mentor and the mentor the student, a circle of life it is, hmmm... cycle of creative growth and inspiration.

Mentoring the Simple Life

I found myself being more and more inspired. I started setting higher and higher goals for myself as a teacher and as an artist. I also found myself appreciating more of the simple freedoms in life. After all, happiness is an inside job! One of my own mentors has always drawn my attention to the simple life.

It was only when I began mentoring others in life skills and creativity that I realized the power of simplicity and living simply. Do you feel you have valuable experiences to share on living the simple life or about your artistic endeavors? If so, there are two very simple requirements to become an Adventure Learning Mentor...

First Step towards the Mentor Zone

Take the Initiative and go on an Adventure

The first is having the courage to join the mentors on a mission, becoming someone who is prepared to take the initiative. Remember, having courage is not about being fearless; it is about being able to acknowledge your fear, whilst choosing to have a positive attitude and taking positive action.

It took me a while to overcome my fear of teaching and sharing my creative talent. But once I took the daring path of mentoring and artistic expression, I entered the mentor zone and haven’t looked back. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not be a mentor and a practicing artist. So, a touch of courage, a smear of daring and a brush-stroke of creative adventure is required for you to qualify as an adventure learning mentor. The other bonus is your teachings are online. So you don't have to stand up in front of classroom and you can teach at your own pace.

Second Step towards the Mentor Zone

Share your Knowledge, Value and Passion

The second thing is the acceptance that you have something of value to share with your world. That value is uniquely yours, and the world will be a far greater place if you dare to offer it as a mentor or teacher. It could be something as simple as an omelet recipe; as complex as a brilliant piece of poetry; a music compostion; maybe a lesson on doing a basic service on your motor-car; or painting an impressionist painting; something you could do all day with joy and panache. It is usually the simple things in life that shift you into the mentor zone!

Dare to Join the Adventure Learning
Mentor Network

Now you know the two very simple requirements of becoming one of the Adventure Learning Mentors on a mission. You inspire and then become inspired. Your own work and expertise become more and more refined. I dare you to join the pursuit of happiness. I dare you to pay forward and share your knowledge and passion through the mentor network. I dare you to grow in the simplicity of life and being childlike. I dare you to be a mentor on a mission.

Simply Love
The Adventure Learning Mentors on a Mission

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