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What is the Mentor Zone?

Choose to explore life changing Adventure Learning Styles?
What about an Adventure Learning Lifestyle face lift?

Would you like to explore the Benefits of Online Learning?
And do you prefer a good mentor or teacher with imagination?
Could You become Enchanted by Learning again?

Would you like to Know More about Enchanted Learning theory?

Mentor-Zone Student

Some of the Benefits of Distance Learning in the Mentor Zone:

  • Value driven free online learning filled with Magic and Mystery
  • Interactive learning in synergy with inspirational mentors
  • Home schooling and cooperative learning
  • A one to one initiative of self help with a good mentor
  • Online teaching and learning from mentors on a mission with a grand vision
  • Genuine teacher appreciation because of the unique teacher gifts shared with you
    Our Blueprint for a Lifestyle Lift
  • 6 Keystone Learning Skills for the 21st Century
  • Relationships, Personal Development, Magnetism and Communication
  • Health, Healing, Wellbeing and healthy lifestyle Cuisine
  • Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance and Financial Freedom
  • Creativity, Music, Writing and the Arts
  • Being Childlike
  • Know Thyself, Esoteric Studies and Metaphysics in the Zone Visit the Lifestyle Lift pages to find out about
    our Blueprint of Learning Strategies
    and the advantages of online learning
  • Mentor-Zone Woman of the World

    A Key to Freedom and Happiness

    My first teacher told me a story about his first enchanted learning experience with a modern mystic Sufi Master.His experience has inspired many people on unique pathways to the freedom of lifelong learning!

    This Sufi Master gave him this key to freedom and happiness:

    “When I was an adolescent I had the great pleasure of working with a Sufi master. At the time I did not realize the importance of the encounter I had with this man of knowledge…”

    What are the Qualities of a Good Mentor?

    Life on a Swing

    What makes a good teacher or a real Life coach? They have a commitment to teaching and learning:
    They have fun learning!
    They follow a freedom trail of achieving their Dreams
    They share their unique teacher gifts

    They look good and feel good:
    Their faces are radiant and their eyes sparkle
    They feel enthusiastic, passionate and sexy.
    They are in the Mentor Zone!

    Is this too much?
    Is your Story Cup overflowing?

    If so?

    Maybe you would rather visit our Gallery and meet some mentors and teachers or see some of our course adventure pics?
    Or visit our Mentors and Teachers websites…
    Or perhaps a picture of an enthusiastic, passionate, sexy teacher will…?

    Swaziland in and out the Mentor-Zone

    Join our Teacher Mentor Program - Pay It Forward

    Would you love to become a teacher , a mentor or a real Life coach? Would you find joy encouraging learning communities? Would you like to share in the advantages of distance learning?

    Would you like to support or join a teacher mentor program?

    Teacher Resources in the Mentor Zone

    What are some essential requirements to become a teacher or mentor and enter the learning channel? Have a Teaching or Business degree or Being the only Shaman who can see the Ships of Magellan?
    Probably NOT!

    To become a student teacher or teacher student in the Mentor Zone, your teacher resume should include:

  • Some Life Experience
  • A Will to have an abundance of adventurous Life Force
  • A commitment to Lifetime Learning!

  • Adventure Distance Learning Programs
    Events Calendar and Lifestyle Products

  • Online Courses, mentor programs, blog and free downloads

  • If you hear the far freedom call of your Soul to an Adventure Quest in long distance learning. If you desire overseas adventure travel and World Courses:
    Dare to visit What If, One -The Quickening and Simplicity!
  • If you prefer to avoid travel adventures and have your teacher next door. Invite a Travelling Mentor to visit and promote courses and workshops

  • Mentor Inspirational

    Mentor-Zone Inspiration

    All of us had mentors and teachers along the way – rarely were they famous mentors. Only later do we realise their Inspirational nature.

    If you happen to remember, give your teacher a gift:

    Write them a Teacher Poem, some Testimonials or some Teacher Jokes and submit them to our

  • Adventure News

  • Adventure Blog

  • Only Love
    Louis Franco

    Mahatma Ghandi said: “Wherever you are – Be There!”

    Be There - in the Mentor Zone!

    Recorded Live Audio Teaching - Click Here

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