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Developing Intuition
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How can you Mental Floss your Mind? You can only access your Intuition with a clear pure mind. Which comes first, the eagle or the egg? As you intuit more you floss the mental debris; as you mental floss your pure mind you access your intuition more gracefully.

Do you believe that the pure mind jewel ‘Intuition’ is merely your instinct for survival; or is it some fabrication of bliss bunnies and cosmic fairies; or is it a ‘knowingness’ based on experience and intellectual development; or is it even something more to do with creating your reality…?

What are the essential tools for improving intuition; and is it possible to develop telepathic intuition or psychic intuition? The answer has to do with a complete revision of your attitudes, your beliefs and your paradigms about anything you know about Intuition… I will make a statement for you to reflect on:

You will only access your true Intuition if you are
willing to inflict high self esteem upon yourself….

What is Intuition?

Patches Teaches Humans about Caring

The meaning of Intuition is far beyond anything you have been led to believe. It is where you have both: One, the perception of freedom, the impossible dream that you want to achieve or of whatever it is. And two, with that perception manifests the means to make it happen.

When you realise that this is what you want to do, you also feel the resources becoming available to do it. The two go together: When you focus on something and you almost hear a little voice saying:

“We are ready for you whenever you are
and we are with you all the way”.

Lazaris calls it ‘Listening to the Whispers’

When you begin to Mental Floss, you usually hear some kind of freedom call - mostly a request for more or a request for change from the depth of your Being. It could be a feeling, a yearning, a mental thought, a whisper, a banging at the door, or screams in your ear – the intensity depending on your level of restlessness and mental preparedness. And if you respond to the far call of your soul to an adventure quest, you begin a magical journey of discovery. On your journey, pointing the way, you will need an occasional adventure quest guide, your true Intuition and common sense…

A fantastic aspect of tapping into your intuition through enchanted learning is discovering the world of dreams. Most people will offer you the good ol’ snake-oil swing that they can interpret your dreams for you. Wrong answer. If you look at you will find a sober and clear way to discover the meanings of your own dreams. Self-dream-interpretation is a wonderful path of self-discovery and the Real Meaning of Dreams site is a great map for the journey.

Developing Intuition on the Royal Road

This little story of a simple mystic quest may illustrate what developing Mental Floss and Intuition is all about.

So have your Mental Floss ready if required. Simply, listen to your voice of intuition - it may be a little bird - as you experience the story and allow yourself to perceive it.

To try and rationalize it is like Galileo trying to explain that the earth is a ball, not a pancake!

Mental Floss your Mind
on The Royal Road

The Royal Road Journey Home

It is the story of an ordinary man. An ordinary man that has lived life as honestly and care freely as possible. He has kept his ability for curiosity and enthusiasm and he doesn’t try to manipulate or control or hurt others in any way. He is simple but he has a high self esteem. He just enjoys this journey called life.

And you have heard the expression “Many are called, few are chosen”. I would like to say “All are called, few choose to hear the call” and even among those who hear the call, fewer still choose to answer the call. This simple man has begun to Mental Floss, he has heard the freedom call. He has received an invitation to the wedding. And he decides he would like to take the first step on the adventure quest journey, the magical journey, the journey home as it is called…

He wanders around having a good time and meeting people. He has various adventures and he takes on some relationship learning quests, but he leaves them behind. He doesn’t indulge and proceeds on his journey. He reaches a point where the road branches into three, but he is not sure which road to take.

He looks about and on one of the roads he sees a sign that says:

The Spiritual Road

He thinks: “I have never been very spiritual in my life. Could I go on a spiritual awakening journey? And anyway, what is spirituality?” And then, down the road he sees holy men making speeches, fasting, flagellating themselves, praying for hours on end, flailing about and uttering weird sounds, ranting, bashing their heads, standing on one leg continuously, lying on beds of nails and flying through the air … And he thinks “No, I’ll give a spiritual journey on the spiritual path a miss”.

He looks at the next road and he sees a sign that says:

The Hard Road

At that moment he hears a voice saying: “Get out of my way! What are you doing on my road, you insignificant insect?” As he turns around, he has to step back. Here comes this glorious knight with his shining armor, a beautiful mighty steed and bags of gold. This simple man thinks: “Not my first teacher?”

Knight on the royal Road

He asks the knight: “Why do you have all this regalia?” And the knight responds: “I am ready to conquer armies, to go on a dragon quest, to slay the dragon and rescue the fair maiden. Would like to join me on a big adventure quest for identity, riches and fame?”

And the simple man thinks: “I couldn’t even lift that sword and I couldn’t even carry the armor. I know freedom isn’t free but this sounds like a crazy quest. Let’s forget about going on a dragon quest and conquering armies.”

He says: “I prefer to have a romantic adventure and experience the power of love with fair maidens. And honestly, I prefer to befriend dragons.” The knight says: “Well then, out of my way peasant!”

Then the simple man approaches the next road and he sees a sign that says:

The Royal Road

He thinks: “Oh no. Maybe this is a Heroes journey, or an exalted journey, or a King’s quest? There is nothing royal about me; I’m just an ordinary guy. I’ve heard of Kings that wear crowns.” And he remembers that: “Uneasy lays the head that wears the crown.” He never aspired to be a King or wear a crown.

the Little Bird of Intuition

He thinks: “What am I going to do? I want to go to that wedding.” As he is wondering what to do, he hears this little flapping of wings. He sees this beautiful bluish white bird and as he looks, the bird playfully darts around him. As he is watching this bird, the Little Bird of Intuition, he trips over a branch, and simply takes a step onto the Royal Road…

See the Rest of the Story

An Adventure Learning Quest
to Mental Floss your Mind
There are steps…

What is intuition about? You tap into power when you use both intuition and imagination. Using your imagination consciously is a real Mental Floss.

It is about simplicity and a high self esteem. It is about responding when you hear the freedom call of your soul to go on an adventure quest. It is about following the little Bird of Intuition on the Royal Road. It is about mental preparedness and commitment. It is about the self-inflicted Mental Floss that you commit to…

Only Love
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Mental floss with a little exercise:

If you are ready for ‘Intuition Power’ do this little exercise. A few times a day, in a quiet moment or when you have a few minutes, simply ask yourself the question: ‘What if?’ Then let your imagination take over and fantasize to you heart’s content.

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