Meditation Techniques

Meditative Escapade into the
Techniqueless Technique

Meditation Techniques

Meditation techniques are a dime-a-dozen. There are as many types of meditation as there are religious sects, new age cults and corporate wellness philosophies. Most of these systems are relics from humanities past escapades in evolution. They belong to the antique shops of meditation history. It is time to take the initiative and look to the future of meditation. Where is the practice of meditation taking us? And how will humanity, so obsessed with technique, take the plunge into the realm of magic and the techniqueless technique?

“That’s the difference between you and me.
You practice gymnastics. I practice everything.”

Socrates from the Peaceful Warrior

Meditation Techniques
On the Pathway to Freedom

Those who are writing the Now history of meditation are no longer focused on weird and wonderful meditation techniques. The how-to’s of meditation are being embellished with simplicity and ease. At their core the most effective ways to meditate are those that turn every moment of your life into an experience rich event. Initiating a level of consciousness where the practitioner stretches beyond technique and becomes a dweller of the moment. Would you like to endeavour to become a dweller of the zone, where every moment is a meditative event?

The Finder’s Types of Meditation

Are you a seeker? Or are you a finder?

Most types of meditation are geared towards seekers, people who are more interested in dipping their toes into the lake of experience. But the techniqueless technique of meditation is more suited to the finders. People who really, really, really… Desire to Know... People willing to go on an adventure and to learn from themselves and their world. In the end that is what all positive types of meditation lead to: Deep inner knowing, the Celebration of Life and becoming conscious that you create it all.

If this appeals to you then take the initiative and become a finder of secrets and magical pathways. To achieve this requires a cavalier boldness and the ability to commit to a process, a process that only takes 21 days to complete. After that you can go back to stretching your legs behind your head, but it will no longer be necessary. For better or worse, you have become a finder.

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Masters of Magic
Techniques Beyond the Zone

When you are able to stretch beyond traditional meditation techniques you will find that many things that you have taken-for-granted in the past become perfect contexts for meditation: Simply preparing a meal; walking down the street; doing some magical gardening. In fact every breath you take is filled with an attitude of gratitude.

Take up the crusade for Self. Become someone who turns every moment of every day into an adventure, into the mystical and unfathomable. And dare to pay it forward to your fellow finders who have herd the freedom call.

Simply Love
The Adventure Learning Techniqueless Technicians

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