The Initiation Bridge
Meditation Retreat

Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

An Initiation Bridge Experience

Listen to your Heart…

Cross the Initiation Bridge…

Experience the Soul’s Journey to Self

Answer the Far Call of your Soul

to celebrate Life as a Grande Adventure

Lose yourself in order to find your Self!

Join us on this week-end retreat in order to unlock your quiet potential and discover that Simplicity is the key to meditation.This is a weekend of deep introspection and quiet self reflection interspersed with fun and laughter. You will experience powerful guided meditation processes which include:

Art of Breathing in Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Bio-energetic Meditation

Energising Walk Meditation

Lymphatic Breath Meditation

Creative Mandala Meditation

The residential aspect of the program is to create an optimum environment for growth, by removing the distractions of your everyday life.This could be the most transforming experience in your life.

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Proudly Present

An Initiation Bridge Experience

Experiential Soul Journeys to Self

Accompanied by Louis Franco

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