Meditate on It

Meditate on it

Whenever you meditate on it you are communicating with something far greater than you. Some call it the Divine, some call it the Godhood of your Being, some call it your higher Self. When you meditate on it, meaning anything, you are at a beginning point. Every one of us who have contributed to this website started at this point. Simply a novice. Simply a seeker in the great mystery that is life. And some of us were pretty urgent seekers at that. But we have all, in our own meditative way, become finders. And if we can do it so can you.

So take a wonder around and see what there is to see. Think on it. Think about it. Don’t panic about it. Work it out. Analyze it. Research it. Worry about it. Stress about it. Panic about it! Or simply…bu

Meditate on it

…for the answer lies within you.

Happy Finding!

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Adventure Learning

A Finders Guide to Meditation, Relaxation
and the Adventure of Wellness

How to Meditate On It
Learning how to meditate is one of the most difficult things you could ever undertake… NOT!! You are already meditating in many ways to be discovered…

Do Not Disturb! The Most Powerful Meditation in Progress
Download your free online guided meditation. Explore some of the concepts behind the relaxation meditation. All of us have experienced the life changing benefits of this simple and practical process. You will experience a greater depth of wellness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Benefits of Meditation
Meditation is one of the main ways in which you gain energy. This is because the journey is internal, internal perception and internal realisation. It is the lifting of the veil into the Divine. The most important benefit is that you may even suddenly find yourself being happy…

Meditation Techniques
Everything you do in life has the possibility of becoming a meditation technique. Weird contortions and physical dexterity are not a prerequisite. Washing dishes or gardening can often be the simplest path to enlightenment…

Meditate On It - Online Guided Meditation
Over the next few months, as part of our pay it forward philosophy, we are offering a growing resource library of online guided meditations. Each meditation is unique in addressing specific aspects of growth and learning as part of your spiritual journey. The meditations are about overcoming, stretching, growing, learning, evolving, healing, expanding, creating and Being unique…

Every Breath You Take
Through meditation every breath you take becomes a meditative act, a quantum of solace, an amazing and magical experience. No breathing, no living… No living, no Magic…

Daily Mirror
What if everyone and everything we see around us is a reflection of ourselves? As you look at your daily mirror, your life, the people that surround you, a moment of realisation is worth a lifetime of existence.

With that in mind, keep in touch with us via our Adventure News monthly newsletter / ezine. See what new exciting meditative processes, instructions and gems are available at Meditate On It.

Adventure Learning

Meditation Music
Meditation Music speaks straight to the soul, it touches you because it is a whisper and a roar of the Music of the Spheres, the cosmic symphony of the planets…

Types of Meditation
There are many types of meditation available in the world. But most meditation techniques belong to bygone eras. “Let bygones be bygones!” Learn the meditations of tomorrow today. Allow the simplicity of the future to sculpt your present...

Physical Wellness
Deeper relaxation and physical wellness is an inevitable side effect of meditation. I mean who on earth would not want to be more physically relaxed and healthy in their day-to-day living?

Emotions In Motion
One major benefit of meditation is you become aware of your emotions in motion. If emotions are energy in motion and your emotions are your energy, then the question is: Where is your energy going when it is in motion…?

Mental Wellness
Then there is of course that terrifying unexpected meditation benefit of mental wellness. I am sure you love having that wonderful friend in your head all the time. You know the one that never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…SHUTS UP! Or do you…?

Spiritual Wellness
Through meditation you find a deepening of the spiritual in everything you do. No matter what your concept of God is, you begin to acquire a depth of spiritual wellness and knowing that most people long for…

Heal the World
The greatest way to heal the world is to start with your Self. In the meditative state it is easy to heal yourself by communicating using the Conscious mind to communicate with the Subconscious and then the All…

Relaxation Tips
Everyone has 1001 relaxation tips nowadays. The 30-second ultra power-nap, the 10-minute super-sleep. But why not use a Do Not Disturb sign and cultivate and maintain a state of relaxation all the time…? To meditate on it begins with keeping things simple and easy and to follow a simple relaxation process for only 21 days.

Turn your life into an amazing adventure: An adventure full of love, laughter, joy and answers. Often the most joyous worthwhile answers are the ones we find for ourselves when we meditate on it!

Only Love
The Adventure Learning Meditators

The Benefits of Meditation and Relaxation
The benefits of meditation are too numerous to mention here in full. But suffice it to say, they range through the full gamut of the human experience.

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Every Breath You Take is a Cycle of Creation
Every breath you take is a cycle in the joyous creative process of life. Learn how to use every breath to fully replenish your life force.

How to Meditate On It
Do You Know How to Meditate On It or to Meditate on anything for that matter? Meditation is the foundation to happiness and the fulfilment of your dreams.

Online Guided Meditation: A Meditate On It Project
Online guided meditation is a unique way to experience relaxation and meditation. What would make online guided meditation unique?

Meditation Techniques: Follow Your Heart Leave Tomorrow Behind
There are many meditation techniques available in the world today. Find out which are the ones that are most effective in the Now Age.

The Pathways to Healing. Feeling a bit lost in the woods?
The Pathways to Healing. Could you benefit from improved physical, emotional and mental health. Of course you could! You can heal yourself with meditation and step onto the pathways to healing!

Relaxation Therapy. Simply relax and be alive!
Relaxation therapy – Discover the natural powers of health and healing present in your own body. You can heal yourself with relaxation therapy.

Meditation Music. Music that speaks to the soul.
Meditation music is a great way to bring about a state of peace and relaxation. Enjoy some of our music samples, or download meditation music online.

The Torture Chamber Meditation: A Meditate on it Healing Meditation
The Torture Chamber Meditation helps you address your mental, emotional and spiritual self-torture.

The Guided Meditation MP3 Meditate-on-it Online Meditation Resource
Meditation MP3 downloads that take you on an inward journey of self-discovery and inner healing. Achieve maximum benefit with as little as 30-60 minutes of practice.

Free Child Healing Meditation: Working with the Inner Child
The Free Child Meditation is a simple and powerful meditation. Assists you to connect with your Inner Child who truly knows about love and happiness.

the Babinski Reflex

Amazing access to energy  as a Child

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