Mastering The Zone

Transcend the Limitations of the Norm!


What is mastering the zone all about? Mastering the zone is not really something that you do. It is something that happens to you when you start listening to that little whisper within your being. When you start singing the song of your heart and following your dreams. Being in the zone is an enchanted learning experience filled with adventure.

"You practice one thing. I practice everything!"

Socrates, from the Movie
"The Peaceful Warrior"

So What is "The Zone"?

When athletes refer to the zone, they refer to a very special state they enter when engaged in their activity of choice. It is a state of heightened clarity and performance where winning or loosing no longer becomes important. The only thing that matters in this space is the shear enjoyment and exhilaration of "Being in The Zone"

Mastering the Zone goes far beyond athletics. It is a way of being, a state of mind. When you make the shift from an attitude of platitude to an attitude of casual abundance, of being totally present, of being easy and graceful, you'll find yourself entering the Zone. When you are able to be in this space of casual and elegant abundance all the time, you enter the realms of mastering the zone. In this state life seems to move more elegantly around you. Situations rearrange to accommodate what you really want. You have a certain level of expectancy that the universe is and always will be conspiring in your favour.

This page is an enchanted learning initiative dedicated to those who are ready to embrace a life filled with adventure and Mastering the Zone.

Own the Zone

Be the Custodian of Your Destiny

When you fail at something, what do you do? Analyze it, take it apart, try and figure out where you went wrong! Right? Let me ask you this, do you do the same for your successes in life? If not, then I'd like to suggest you make a habit of it. Sure, we learn a lot from our failures, but to own the Zone you have to own your successes. Being successful in any avenue of life requires that you repeat the patterns, attitudes and actions that led to success, to do this means to own your success, or 'Own the Zone'. To truely excel in some aspect in life, whether it is sport, business, relationships, creative arts, etc, requires you to shift into the Zone.

"Why do people think that when they're an expert in one field,
they're an expert on everything?"

Kevin Cline from the Movie
'Grand Canyon'

I have been able to find this zone most elegantly in the simple pleasures of a simple life. To Own the Zone, all you've got to do is rinse and repeat the process of success.

One of the greatest ways to get back into the zone and a state of focus and simplicity is by taking the time out to nurture yourself. Just by the simple act of nurturing your body you are saying to your mind that you care about you. The more you care about you, the easier it is for you to care for others. If you are based in Chicago is a great resource for finding the best form of physical pampering to suit you.

What is Magnetism?

The Zone and magnetism go hand-in-hand. Envision yourself as a magnet that attracts to you positive or negative results. Now imagnine the most powerful magnet on the planet... That's you in the Zone. In this powerful magnetic state, clarity is important so as to attract that which you want!

When you are able to shift more and more into the Zone in one area of life, a magnetic pattern is set, you begin to see the fields. This pattern or attitude is drawn into every other aspect of your life through the principles of magnetism.

What is Attitude?

Maybe a more appropriate question is "What is YOUR attitude?" Believe it or not, your attitude is a powerful magnet. Attitude formation is the biggest key to your success and Mastering the Zone. As you can develop a positive attitude: an attitude of fun, of adventure, exploration and appreciation; the universe responds. The universe is just waiting to pour untold abundance onto you, the determining factor for whether you're open to accept this windfall of abundance will be your attitude.

"Your authentic swing finds you!"

Bagger Vance from the Movie
'The Legend of Bagger Vance'

Now here's the really good news, Adventure Learning Initiatives is loaded with resources to assist you in shifting from an attitude of platitude to an attitude of casual abundance! So what is attitude? It's your golden ticket to a life worth living - foster the right attitude and watch with amazement as abundance casually flows into your life.

Beyond The Zone

Mastering the Zone is more than just a trick to use to get what you want, it's a way of life. When you move beyond the Zone you find yourself living in a state of casual abundance at all times. Being in this Zone means that creating abundance has become a reflex action, much like an athlete jumps out of the starting blocks when the gun is fired. The laws of attraction are working for you, naturally and elegantly. And you become more aware of just how much the universe is conspiring in your favour!

Everything you need for Being in the Zone is already within you! Casual Abundance is an attitude away! Are you willing and able to do what it takes to be the person who is living Beyond the Zone?

Only Love
The Adventure Learning Magneto's

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A little exercise on Mastering the Zone:

Your senses are a great tool for accessing the zone. From now on see if you can fully immerse yourself in your senses. When eating an apple, really focus on the taste. When having a shower, really feel the water running over your skin, hear the symphony of sound, free your senses, free your mind and find yourself mastering the zone!

"There is never nothing happening!"
"There are no ordinary moments!"

From the Movie
'The Peaceful Warrior'

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