Love, Sex & Relationships

In a world so fraught with complexity, one of the things that human beings are challenged by the most is relationships, and the one vehicle that can truly assist you to accomplish your dreams is your ability to cultivate truly meaningful relationships.

But to achieve this it is required of you to first develop a truly meaningful relationship with your Self.

Learn to love yourself and thus become the person who can be a truly valuable and worthy companion in life, whether it is in a marriage, intimate relationship or simply as a true friend. Join us on a practical journey to cultivating a life rich with sharing and happiness.

Dates and Times
Sat  - 23 April  10H00 – 13H00
Sun - 24 April  10H00 – 15H00

Investment: R880.00

Venue: Northern Johannesburg

Practical Modern Metaphysics

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Practical Modern Metaphysics

Practical Metaphysical


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