Louis Franco

My Journey of Self Discovery


How it began:

Louis has had many life-changing experiences. These experiences include many encounters with Mother Nature, relationships and romance, a few near-death events, martial art training, travelling the world and making it possible for thousands of people to awaken to a greater Life of Celebration.

He has always had a close relationship with nature in all its sizes and disguises. From an early age he cared for silkworms, chameleons, tortoises, dogs, cats and a meerkat. Other experiences include swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar, making a difference for the Giant Tortoises in Mauritius, many elephant encounters in Africa, crocodile encounters in northern Australia, healing a variety of birds and communicating with a pink dolphin on Santoza Island, Singapore.


In his work around relationships he has an ongoing commitment to learn  greater levels of respect, caring, romance and intimacy as keys to the ultimate relationship.


In martial art he attained his first Black belt qualification at age 21. He competed in Japan in the world championships at age 28. Two years later he had a near-death experience in the dojo and returned 11 minutes later. In 1994 he broke his knee in an Aikido workshop – friends immediately set the knee in makeshift splints and he was sequestered to his hotel room immersed in self-pity and pain. A friend suggested a simple energy visualization technique which he applied doubtfully over the next 24 hours – the Healer awakened and rose to the occasion, no hospital required – He returned to training a week later, but nothing was ever the same again. Shortly after,  the Quest began and the Journey unfolded…


He enjoys assisting people to come to realizations about their life. He encourages people to be inspired to approach Life and Living in an entirely unique way, to walk the Road Less Travelled.


Louis says:

“People do all kinds of crazy stuff, risk their lives, ‘sell’ their souls for a pittance, fight for success, power and money, sail the seven seas, to come back to this core life principle: Simply Be Happy and everything else happens elegantly and gracefully.”


I have no particular way of thinking or specific Ontology that I follow and I have no converts following me around. People love what I make possible for them: Living their lives in a new and creative way; having more mature relationships; discovering what their own unique purpose is; and knowing themselves better by understanding their patterns. I encourage people to have the courage to really live life, activating and achieving new dreams, to learn to love setting no conditions, love being the most powerful force in the universe, to learn from our children because they are the only ones that are equipped to deal with the world of Now, and to pursue freedom with unbending intent. I like simplicity in most things I do, especially simplicity of the heart...


I love travelling, exploring the world and meeting unusual people. This includes koalas and mavericks.  I enjoy meeting and working with people who want more out of life, people who have moved beyond their personal self-absorption and vanity. My favourite people are those who aspire or have a commitment to their evolution, to the betterment of their world, to the environment and ALL the inhabitants of planet earth.”

Here are some great Resources for Metaphysical work...

Louis Franco has lived and travelled in many parts of the world for more than 33 years. He is an international modern gypsy, practical maverick, often disguised as a yuppie, surrogate parent, explorer and descendant and custodian of multiple bloodlines each of a rich complex cultural inheritance.

In his pursuit of conventional knowledge, Louis Franco attained a BA in Economics, B.Com Law and black belt qualifications in Aikido and Shotokan Kara-Te. In his Journey of Self-discovery he studied with various esoteric systems, including: a Hermetic Master called TD, the Rosicrucian Order, two Tibetan Llamas called CK and DK, AHSES, ASOES, WDHR and WISES. His metaphysics qualifications are: Bachelor Of Esoteric Sciences - Honours (B.E.Sc.-Hon.) with the Australian School Of Esoteric Studies 1995, a Diploma Of Esoteric Education and Healing (Dip.E.Ed), Masters of Esoteric Sciences 1997 with WDHR and is a devoted CRC.

Private Healing Consultations and Encounters 

Learn the emotional, mental and spiritual causes behind dis-ease and re-discover Happiness and Well-Being.  The techniqueless techniques here have their origins in the Tibetan Llama teachings, the Egyptian Mystery schools, the Russian and Celtic Shamanic traditions, the Ho-opono system and WISES Esoteric Healing methods.

There are diverse techniques to assist in releasing energy blocks, as well as balancing and realigning the body to its natural state. Become aware of limiting decisions you have made or you have allowed others to make for you through your indecisions. Through the healing process, you are presented with options and are given the support on whatever level you are willing to receive and accept it, to revise that which has limited you from living the life you deeply desire. You will be able to make choices that can change your life significantly and in a purposeful manner. It is recommended that you allow a little time in solitude after the session in order for the full impact of the healing to take place.

Live Internet Encounters lasting approximately over one hour.

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What people say about Louis Franco:

“Louis is dedicated and committed to his life’s work, which include growth experiences that are truly life changing …sometimes direct and challenging, sometimes bizarre and weird but always loving and caring. He is willing to assist people to live beyond mediocracy (free from mediocrity and bureaucracy). Louis will challenge you to go beyond who you think you are and to experience major break-throughs on many levels.”

My participation in WISES has been life changing. This may be a cliché but the ripple effect throughout my life has been of inestimable value. I am now living life expressing my true purpose. I have embarked on travel adventures and many new journeys of self-exploration. I am now creating and manifesting more in most aspects of my life than I ever dreamt possible…!

(Ceciel – Aromatherapist & Journey Practitioner)

I just wanted as well to thank you for all the challenges and support you contributed in my life, it was a big part of who I am today and was for sure pushing me to live my purpose. I am grateful for that and for you.

I thank u and I love u,


Now several of my students; all of them more formidable than they realise, have stepped forward, offering amazing gifts to our world…

Louis does not quite know what he has done…

His latest endeavour creates a unique opportunity to take a short cut onto “The Fast Track” of Life & Living Life… The Louis we know could not have done what he did alone – I do not mean the help he got from his Lovely Companions or from John.

I mean he was “Inspired” and received more help than he can perceive at this stage. But He did it. See for yourself…

Keep the Good Work...

Fight The Good Fight!

Patrick Desplace - Oz - The Descended Master

Some Revealing Letters

written to Louis Franco...

Hi Louis

Huge thanks for yesterday – profound as always!!! Love how it takes one freak to recognize another …..

On the subject of books … I have a deep intuition I will at some point be reading your story (the authentic one). As for your OrDeal I want to say thank you for being the dramatic you that you are and for the profound insights and lesson learnt.  I guess us “freaks” choose the dramatic route to do the shifting

Looking forward to seeing you soon



Aan Louis Franco


Dankie vir die reminder, ek was vir so lang tyd "wrapped up in my own little world" en my fokus was glad nie waar dit moes wees nie, so ek het vergeet van die Power of NOW en hoe belangrik dit is om net "present" te wees, "wherever you are, BE there.." Ek het vergeet om my oe oop te maak vir die beauty en die gifts wat die mense rondom my vir my wou bied. Ek het baie damage gedoen en uitgemis op soooo baie.

Daai kosbare les het ek weer die laaste ruk aan myself gewys, en dit bly iets waaraan ek heeltyd werk.  Ek sit nogsteeds vas in n effense rut, ergste is, ek weet dis net ek wat myself daar trapped hou.. wens ek kan net onthou om my "tools" te gebruik om  my Self weer terug te kry. So moeg vir sukkel en self pity. Ek wil graag gebruik maak van elke liewe geleentheid wat jy beskikbaar gaan maak. Ek sal alles in my vermoë doen om soveel as moontlik te leer by jou want dit sal n terrible terleurstelling wees om die opportunity te mis om nog saam jou te kan werk.

Wil ek net hê jy moet weet dat ek JOU en die amazing dinge wat jy moontlik maak vir my en soveel ander mense raak sien, en SO SOOO baie waardeer!  My wêreld is soveel ryker en beautiful agv van JOU!

Jy het op soveel levels my lewe aangeraak, direk en indirek (meestal!) wat soms 360deg veranderinge veroorsaak het! Ek sal al die goed wat ek geleer het en experience het vir net mooi niks verruil nie.

There's always so much more going on than we're aware of... of hoe! Want daar is baie mense wat die beautiful gifts wat jy met mense deel waardeer.. En dit sal jammer wees as die wat nog nie gelukkig genoeg was om jou te ken, nooit weer die geleentheid sou kon he soos ek nie.

En dankie meer vir die onophoudende liefde en support agter elke "push" todat ek eventually die besluit kon maak om te verander.

Al my liefde,


Hi Louis Franco,

Thank you for the very welcome and warm wishes for the next 2 months. I wish you joy and happiness, lightness of spirit, success in all your actions and enterprises, as you have really given me faith, validating my beliefs that I am not as crazy as I think I am believing in the different dimensions, and following my spiritual journey.

Most people I try to talk to about this 'journey' think I am strange and not 'grounded' enough, a bit 'light-headed' but they must come to their own 'enlightening' in their own way, as you say, to interfere with another's journey hinders them. Our talk about tapping was so great, as this was one of the worries I had, and as they say, when the student is ready the teacher arrives.  I admire you tremendously for the spiritual heights you have reached. Never give up spreading your light. And look after yourself, as you are 'worth it' ok. 

You keep up the good work, inspiring, as your life is your message, and I am just thankful to have encountered you on my journey.  Kim also sends her regards and I know you opened her mind to the possibilities of the 'more' in life, like I never could. Louis, you are one of the greatest mind-openers of anyone I know and I am honoured to know you.

Theresa. Freelance Writer/Researcher

Hey there Louis,

WOW dude - awesome way to begin the new year!!!! Glad you and the doggies are still "WITH" us and congratulations on such an amazing experience. Keep the magic happening in your life!!

You are much loved,



Hi Louis,
YOU helped me to stand back and 'observe' my life!
By the simple task of watching you cannot commit any act of suicide or destruction, as in the act of doing so you loose observation and become the problem that you are supposed to be watching !Thus destroying the whole process!
As 'observer' you are already not part of this world and its thought patterns that create chaos and desperation.
Ones thoughts should be clear so that infinite wisdom can manifest in and through ones life which can then contribute even in a small way to the evolution of the planet and its inhabitants. There is always the other option of course and that is to be actively involved in conscious destruction of life, including ones own.
I choose life ! And continue to observe! And hope that I can be a source of renewable energy for all I encounter in just a small way and to all I meet along the way.

With lots of love ,
Your student , D

i absolutely LOVE it - i've been wanting to go "HOME" since i was a little little girl - but there is a reason i am here now and for however long into the future - I chose to be here and gotta trust that the soul knows why - and have always had this believe that if I choose to end it too soon i will just have to come back again and re-do it all until i actually reach the original goal - oh hell the thought of having to go thru grade 1 again, neva mind puberty - ooh uh uh !!!! we also tend to forget how lekker it is to be here - man we are so blessed - how about these little things we take for granted - we have the ability to taste, smell, feel things - if you dont have a physical body, you dont get those gifts!  can u imagine never feeling the sun on ur face ever again, never smelling the rain, (or your partner :)) never experiencing the taste of choclate, and that wonderful feeling of hugging/being hugged by another human being, ah a hot bath, or a cooling swim - the feel of water !!!  yes yes i know that thre is sooooo much more, so much that we are actually incapable of even trying to comprehend - but there is also sooooooo much while we are still here - goddamn i want to get me a little bit more i think .....

xxxxxx Mich

İ am speechless love... Great respect and love to you...

Hope to spend more joyous time before you decide to depart from this planet. You are such a braveheart.



Wow.  Thank you Louis.

Its taken me some time to open this email because i knew it is very special.  I strangely feel like crying, and yet, it is not strange at all.  And then.  I find myself laughing, on this beautifully quiet day where only a bird sings an unfamiliar song in the background.

You have demonstrated a candour and courage, in your sharing, which is of vast value to me. 

There is much i feel moved to say, that i find cannot be said. Except, Dear Friend,
All My Love,

Always, Kathleen

Hi Louis,

Thank you for today - I Am humbled by Your actions and commitment and very grateful for Your involvement. 

I will send further comments over the week end and check out the mail below, in the mean time, may The Force be with You...



Louis et al, Simply Magnificent. Acknowledging you for Something set in Motion, Something Synergistic, Something you cannot stop ...   Beautiful.

Love, Sandy - SA

Well, my dear Louis,

Thank you immensely for all the lovely gifts you threw my way - a most illuminating trip to South Africa, but, I got what I came for- to walk through that portal - all thanks to you.

I would have loved to spend more time with my friend in the physical- after all I was therefore 2 months but you were obviously busy being games master!! I hope all of your co-creators realised the immense gift you gave them enabling them to cut the ties and the co-dependency - it was an awesome gift – I truly cannot thank you enough.

So long, farewell, adieu – keep smiling.

Love and hugs,


I love you Louis....

I have many but yet no other words to say...


Deeply I know how much I miss home...

and deeply I also know how much I'll miss you...

See you in august...

and then...

see you at home...

now, let me feel your love in my heart and cry for a while...


Hi Louis

Thank you for  sharing with us what you are going through...just know our love and support is always there with you. We care & we appreciate you as a friend, fellow traveller  & human being. I would like to express my gratitude for knowing you and sharings. The quality & impeccability is outstanding & fun.

I have had a huge breakthrough in the last couple of days...I am finally observing my thoughts! I have set myself free ...it took me nearly 27 years to get it! I have something in common with Nelson Mandela whilst he was in a physical prison for 27years I was in a mental  prison!. I got it( you explained it so well) along with  help from Nina & the synergy. I just feel a joy and liberation & appreciation. I feel like my whole world has opened up

Much love,


Hello Louis, thanks for all the invites,
look amazing, look forward to meeting you again.
Biggest of hugs xx


Hello Dear Louis,

Thank you for your beautiful letter. I love and support you in whatever you choose for yourself. Thank you for the gift of You. Dear Louis is here and now and always ready to skip our hearts a beat or two in the name of Love... Yes, We Love you Louis xxx

With Love, Linda







The yearning of our souls are to return home each and every day, I find myself getting up each day, asking, What is my service to Humanity today? As u I find it very hard to continue and have to gather all energy and courage to continue, the yearning is so strong… I have left a legacy and I have to continue to take care of them and this world we are so destructively trying to be human AND conscious of the destruction we cause by BEING human. I have known u a very long time and I have loved u always, we were brought together by serendipidity , Whatever your call may be, I support u in al endeavors and will love u always and always…


To Louis Franco

I know I might only think my eyes are opening, and I actually have no words to say thank you, for the information and sharing what you allow shared, but to tell you in the really short space of time basically that is amazingly even is in my vocabulary now, but how you have changed my life already.

I allowed myself to be a victim and to be controlled in the worst or all the ways that I allowed at least 4 years of my life to go and I didn’t appreciate anything around me or even the gift of my own life, so in a space of caring I open my heart and I thank you. I have a smile on my face again, I feel a large amount of baggage has been taken off me, I have even really hystirically laughed for the 1st time in years, I have people telling me I have changed and some have even said the look of my face has changed. I haven’t even grabbed the door knob to open the door to the more, but with you I have a knowledge there is a door.

Love Life Freedom and Adventure

Love Greg,

Personal Trainer

Hi Louis,

I have been reading your email newsletters for a short while now and I get a good feeling of sincerity and integrity, likewise from your website, hence my response to your dare; I also like quirky humor.

 I am logical and analytical by nature and it is often difficult to overcome many deeply entrenched paradigms; in short I am looking for belief through faith whilst balancing with reason. I need to break out of the paradigms and  accelerate my personal evolution. I struggle with "New Age" cliches and do not find the need to walk around barefoot in tie-dye with dread-locks. Stereotypes aside, I wish to overcome the doubts I have about spiritual "truths" and the inconsistencies that seem to pervade institutional religions, while following through with the impending "something" which seems imminent. No doubt this is sounding all too familiar.

I am starting to see passed a mere progression of our current lifestyle, into an evolution beyond humanity as we know it and wonder if we can make the enormous jump that I perceive. I am personally finding it difficult enough and consider myself reasonably advanced, at least in concept. I do recognise that I am also relatively undisciplined and have some expectation that things should be inherently easy and natural to us, not requiring to be an ascetic living in a remote Himalayan cave.

I have a sense that new energies are becoming accessible to humanity and if we are able to resonate with them they are likely able to slingshot us through our perceived barriers. I have a sense that you folks are able to help me along this path...

With love,


Dear Louis,  Thank you.   

Thank you for including me in the list of people to share your love with. You have been a very strange and funny man in the best of times but I can say with no reservations that I too love you. I have never stopped having gratitude for how possible you have made things for me. I remember all those years back walking into your ice cream shop and being enveloped by the warmth of your blue, blue eyes. I still to this day I have not been drawn in like that. I have told you that story before and you've always explained it away as your personal magnetism... But let me tell you before you go that what happened in that moment for me was so tangible it was of the intensity of a hand reaching out to save another in the dying minutes of someone drowning. It was through you that I am able to love to the depths that I do, it is through you that I was able to access and process my deepest sorrows and work through and out them.   

Thank you for your patience with me. I know that you have always wanted so much more for me  (I can see you laughing your head off round about now.)  I too am about to embark on my own journey and i was hoping you would give me some of precious golden time to hear me out as i too am at a cross roads on my spiritual journey... It is not nearly as dramatic as your adventure that you are about to embark on, but i would like this to be the one conversation we have before you go off to live in that deluxe apartment in the SKY...   I'm really happy for you and it's really a strange feeling as I feel like I wont miss you. Perhaps its because I know that what you have imparted on me can never be taken away and even as I write this I taste your essence. You have fought the good fight and I can see the glint in your eyes you are ready. Go Well  

You Louis are fantastic, you are part of my spiritual family, I love you and thank you for your uniqueness, intense love and caring till we meet again.

Love, Petra

Hi Louis

On my visit to you, you suggested that i decide whether i want to live. I took the words you spoke to me at Cocos very seriously. Before i came to you i didn't really want to live. I actually started wrapping things up to leave. I didn't want to to live.

Since you told me i must decide, i did decide and started working on myself. Since then up until now i have done an incredible amount of work on myself. I started working on the gift you presented us and that is to be BEYOND MAGNETIC WHAT YOU HAVE EVER BEEN. I've been learning about consistency. I started loving myself and caring for my body. I did the Lymphatic breath to detox my system. I've done work observing, integrating it again.

All my love, barry

Hello Louis - welcome back!

With all the going on the one thing that came to me was that whatever was happening, you were going to demonstrate the next, something extra ordinary and some thing we have not perceived before, I said that to Alison in the last conversation I was able to have re this situation, after that my communications went "down" what an extra ordinary experience ! I love you and thank you for what has been and will be revealed.


Lovely messages re Vicky.

Feeling the magic in the Cape... Felt you there. Being very drawn down there too. Spending more time in that area now days..... Feel the Goddess more so there... More gentle. Recharges me for the work up here.

Loving what I do Louis... You are part of that thank you and as Patricks mixes with my own flavour... I love what I do and I do what I love... In that order. Thank u again.. I see what your beingness did for me... It was massive. I am sorry I resisted you as a result. Yet that's part of it I guess

Colin xx

Quotes Carlos Castenada:

A warrior knows that he is only a man.  His only regret is that his life is so short that he can't grab onto all the things he would live for.  But for him this is not an issue; it's only a pity.

A warrior chooses a path, with heart, any path with heart, and follows it and then he rejoices and laughs.  He knows becauses he sees that if life will be over altogether too soon.  He sees that nothing is more important than anything else.

Thank you for sharing this with me,(will thank the writer too as this is her soul reaching out to us & she opened my eyes, yet again) it pulled at my heart strings & made me realise the challenging, yet incredible, amazing, liberating, free journey which we all have experienced (I say this with knowing)

And the magnitude of patience, love, understanding & 'sledgehammer' learnings  which at the end & unfortunately for some of us a bit slower,  made us all wake up to some kind of a beautiful realisation.  'The gift that keeps on giving'.

I salute you for who you are & what you stand for in this life time. 

With love & forgiveness, Jennifer x

Hello Louis :)

its been great seeing you & it fills me with LONGING to continue my journey! I live in the UK. I will never forget your Steven Seagal persona – it was brilliant!

reason for my reply...
thanks for your e-mail & sharing what you did ... I have always felt love for you, from that very first time in Cape Town - like Patrick, I have often not understood you! but you have always been an inspiration.
Love, Debs

Hi Louis Franco
Thank you for the beautiful email. The vibrations of the universe are resonating with my heart.
Hope all is well.

Hello Darling,

In response to your discerning letter J

When I’m Alone – Siegfried Sasson

When I’m alone – the words tripped off his tongue

As though to be alone were nothing strange.

“When I was young,” he said; “when I was young...”

I thought of age, and loneliness, and change.

I thought how strange we grow when we’re alone,

And how unlike the selves that meet, and talk,

And blow the candles out, and say good-night.

Alone...The word is life endured and known.

It is the stillness where our spirits walk

And all but inmost faith is overthrown.

But until that time where we jump into the maw of the cosmic and, surpass the eagle, let’s laugh, drink, fight and be merry.

As we have many times before


I know you can hear me...

You know you're there when I close my eyes.

Thank you for my  life add to the beauty of... 

Thank you for showing them all

I love you with all  my heart...


Hi there my good friend

Thanx for your email and trusting me, OK I am going to just say a couple of things and definately Paul things. The big question is WHY ARE WE HERE, well we are here to experience, love and a lot of other things. I also believe we are privileged to be on planet earth there are souls standing in queues wanting to experience this life. But we have just done a right amount of work to have the honour to experience this wonderful planet. Now experiencing EARTH is a great honour probably the greatest. I feel Patrick left a little too early (please keep this between you and me) but he was old and living and getting old on planet earth that is what it is all about so he did do that and I honour him for his journey. I also feel you have loads more to offer and you have only started (thats my feeling as you know it is always your choice what ever you want to do).

Why am I emailing you, well I have also gone through a couple ofs, I should have died, eg when I hit that horse and if I had died I would have left my British friend in the middle of the Transky at night with a dilemma so rather hit the horse with my sword which pretty much took the roof of the car off and the horse landed in the back seat and we went to the "HORSPITAAL" and we were all fine to enjoy another day. And there are a couple of other experiences.

The bottom line is we are HUMANS so there is right and wrong, black and white etc we are in a duel reality even the greatest masters default to that because that is what we are here to experience, is this wonderful duel reality. I feel this gives me my flight for life, we do create our own reality but cut out the blame or shame and all that bullshit eg. I drive 90% of my time so I am more likely to have a car accident than the person catching the train, and so I have and have car accidents, so it is not my relationships, my job etc etc etc it is just the default of life and there are a lot of examples. So I feel lets start being what we are here for A HUMAN BEING, go to the pub and enjoy yourself, some nights go and drink too much, other nights enjoy the conversation and you will find PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

I see myself on planet earth getting old and maybe even you with me with my border collie Max next to my side and your two little doggies next to your side, behind us is an estate of wonder we are on an oak table eating cheese, olives, bread rolls, definitely lots of wine and good wine too and fruit. We are looking at the beautiful scenery on the left, mountains, vineyards, river systems. On the right is orchids and vineyards blooming with life. And do you know what we are talking about, antique cars, food, countries we have visited you name it, maybe your partner is next to you and mine too and we are all talking about clothes, shops, restaurants. There might even be a whole lot of people just talking about everything. The bottom line is we are HUMANS so lets start living like them, yes you can judge but do it with the observer and do not get trapped there, you can cry and feel lonely but do not get stuck there and most importantly when going through your HUMAN emotions also by using your observer go through the process (this most of us metaphysicians forget or in most cases need to learn) if a good friend dies go through the process, do not sort circuit it, this is our HUMAN right.

As you know I love and always will love you and here is a little clip and a gift of how beautiful we all are…

Click on the link below and you must listen to the music as load as you can...

Love and fun always


Yes ı am communicating in english.

I be surprised… :)))


I am learning …

Thank you for everything...

You are my best friend.

You know.


After this eventful week – I found this – Wow!!

Extract from Descended Master by Lorraine Davies


Magical Beings

There are three magical beings in three different films and they all demonstrate this technique-less technique beautifully. August Rush is the magical child. Socrates in the film the Peaceful Warrior and K-Pax is the magical being from another place and time. Each one had to die to his past in order to become a magical being. By becoming magical beings they were able to heal themselves and all those around them. They became so much more when they died to their past. They were able to enter the Zone where the technique-less technique is natural and easy. No technique, just tapping what was already within them.


Each one of them was a freak in terms of Consensus Reality. For you to become magical beings and step into your power, you need to become freaks in your world – to give up sanity and to go beyond being the herd animal. It takes courage to stand in that power, to empower yourselves and each other. One thing that many of you are afraid to do is to lose your place in the herd. When you belong to society, all you can ever be is a product of your conditioning and programming from the past. You need to drop all that and set yourselves free if you want to become a magical being.

The freaks have got it. The freaks make it. This is what I mean to live the extraordinary life in an ordinary manner and the ordinary life in an extraordinary manner. The avenue of your salvation lies in the game of controlled folly. You need to be a freak, to give up your sanity and move beyond, but most people who discover there is more to life and living than being a herd animal and doing as they are told, feel they need to prove it to everybody. They need the reassurance and want to convert everyone to their belief. They usually end up being bruised and ostracised. But rest assured all of you who have worked with me for any length of time are bloody freaks!

I, Louis Franco am one too (a Freak)

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