The Little Nut Chronicles

of Life and Death


Welcome to the Little Nut Chronicles of Life and Death. In the Sufi spiritual tradition the teacher employs particular teaching strategies that revolve around Sufi stories. To many this way of teaching seems very peculiar. Well that maybe so, but as far as we have experienced it, it is very effective. But, then again, each of us have been called crazy, nut, wizard and other such compliments.

Little Nuts Break Out of Groundhog Day

You see, a Sufi master will call his students together once a year to tell them a short story. Now, the way it works is, if a student hears exactly the same story that he heard last year, well then the master sends him away until the next year. The following year the master will tell another story again. But, you see, if you hear the same story as the story of the year before, it means you have not grown. You are suffering form spiritual Groundhog day.

Here at the Little Nut Chronicles of Life and Death we offer you a set of adventure stories. Some of the classic short stories are ancient parables, others are modern parables from our own personal experiences. Very often the simple life experience stories contain the most powerful learning experiences. Within each star nut story there is a seed, a road sign along the pathway to freedom. Now the fun part for you is not just the entertaining story, it is uncovering the hidden nut gift basket within each tale.

Human Beings are like Ogres

Occasionally we may give you a little pointer in terms of what the story is about. But on the whole we will leave it up to you. Why?

Well each time you hear the story, hopefully you have heard the freedom call and become something more: changing from nut to a nut wizard. So you will be in a different space. In that new space you can perceive something even more in each neverending story. As you know, human beings are like Shrek the ogre: “We have layers.” Each time you uncover another layer you discover something more and see the world in a totally new way.

Have fun, enjoy these free short stories, and you might just discover that you too are a crazy nut becoming an oak tree.

Simply love
The Adventure Learning Mastery Nut Trees

Chronicle No. 0 - The Way of the Master

Chronicle No. 0 - The Story of the Royal Road

Chronicle No. 0 - The Master and the Rose

Chronicle No. 1 - The Watermelon Man

Chronicle No. 2 - An Ancient Egypt Killer Crocodile Initiation

Chronicle No. 3 - The difference between Caring For and Taking Care Of...

Chronicle No. 4 - Lord Nelson standing his ground

Chronicle No. 5 - The story of the Warrior Monk and letting go

Chronicle No. 6 - How much do you love me?

Chronicle No. 6 - Is This Love?

Chronicle No. 6 - Lost souls being lost together?

Chronicle No. 6 - A Tale of Undying Love

Chronicle No. 7 - Stop and think about ice, water and steam

Chronicle No. 7 - Caged monkeys and their chance at freedom

Chronicle No. 8 - One farmers French experience

Chronicle No. 9 - Cupid God of Love

Chronicle No. 9 - Knowing the Path and Walking the Path

Chronicle No. 10 - What is happiness? Is that so?

Chronicle No. 11 - The Parable of the Debtors

Chronicle No. 11 - The Tale of the Two Wolves

Chronicle No. 12 - Socrates on the Road to Athens

Chronicle No. 12 - The Expanding Cup of Awareness

Chronicle No. 12 - How to lose your Undesirable Friends

Chronicel No. 13 - The Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle No. 14 - The Little Bird and its Life Journey

Chronicle No. 15 - Magic Reindeer Food and the Texan

Chronicle No. 15 - Giving up the realness

Chronicle No. 15 - The Story of the Weeds

Chronicle No. 16 - The Phoenix Myth, a Tale of Transformation

Chronicle No. 17 - Freya and the Necklace

Chronicle No. 18 - The King, the Witch and the Poisoned Well

Chronicle No. 18 - The Message in Dreams

Chronicle No. 19 - The Sunshine of My Love

Chronicle No. 20 - The Prodigal Son

Chronicle No. 21 - The Magic of Elephants

The Princess Chronicles - Snow White Revealed

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