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Keyword Mastery

Keyword mastery is simple once you understand what a keyword is. The effective use of keywords is essential for any online mentor sharing their knowledge, life experiences and creative ideas in cyberspace.

The Secret to Getting
Your Pages Read

What's your page about?

We will use our example to give a deeper understanding:

Let us pretend that you are writing on the general topic “adventure” and specifically about going on an adventure. So, for this example, let us assume you choose to call your adventure an “adventure quest”.

Your specific keyword will be “adventure quest” so your page will be specifically focused on the keyword phrase “adventure quest” and we call the page a Keyword-Focused Content Page. The term keyword can refer to one word or a phrase consisting of five words.

The keyword is the topic for the content of your page, in this instance “adventure quest”. All the other words on your page are information about that specific keyword or topic.

The Surfer’s Viewpoint

From a web-surfers viewpoint the keyword is the word or phrase that they enter into a search engine like Google. So imagine you wish to find something out about an “adventure quest” on the web. You go to Google or Yahoo and enter “adventure quest” in the search box.

The results come back. You will notice that only pages containing the phrase “adventure quest” in their title and description come back in the top few pages from a search engine search. The word or phrase that you enter in the search block, in this case “adventure quest”, is the keyword for the search.

Brain Storming Keywords

The Art of Keyword Mastery

The more surfers search for a particular keyword phrase the more it is in demand, the better it is as a topic to write on. So there are a number of simple tools available on the web for brainstorming the best keywords for a page. One of the best free tools being


At Wordtracker you will notice that when you enter your general topic keyword “adventure” you will get a list of 100 keyword phrases all with the keyword “adventure” as part of the phrase.

For Example: “free online adventure games”; “space adventure”; “adventure quest”.

Next to each phrase you will see a number. This number indicates the value demand or search popularity of the keyword. If it is over the 3000 and less than 80,000 it is very, very good, a lot of people are looking for it. If it is less than 3000 and more than 1000 then it is good. If it is less than 1000 and more than 200 it is still okay. Anything under 50 is usable if no synonyms are available.

The Writing Process

Before starting to write your mentoring page we recommend that you go and explore Wordtracker. When brainstorming on your topic it is better to start slightly broader.

Let us carry on with our example of “adventure quest”. When we looked for words around adventure workshops we entered "adventure" as our root topic. We got a whole lot of “adventure” keywords back, some silly, some weird, but also a whole lot that could be used as a keywords for a page on adventure courses. In the end the best keyword was “adventure quest” and so we have the adventure quest page for our world courses introduction page.

Google Adwords

Simple Keyword Mastery

Another great tool for working out keyword popularity and brainstorming words for your particular topic is adwords by Google. Create a Google account for yourself. Then go to the adwords part of google and enter your mentoring topic. Again make it broad and see what comes up from the search. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and it is also free.


No Keyword Mastery, No Traffic

From the keywords that you find, we recommend that you use three to five specific keywords for your page (the best one for your main heading and core topic. The other four keywords for each subheading of the page, preferably in the heading for the paragraph). This is based on the effective use of search engines like Google. Better keywords mean that your pages will be found more easily by people searching about your topic.

Well good luck with keyword mastery on your online mentoring page. Remember to look for words that blend easily into your area of expertise. The keyword value is important, but it is also important that you can use the words effortlessly in your text.

We look forward to seeing your page soon.

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