Keys to Branding

Keys to Branding

So after sharing some ideas with you on successful Branding, there are some other important keys you could consider when you are Branding a company. Being inspired Adventure Learning Mentors, we understand the importance of embracing change.

One of the keys to branding is understanding that perceptions are constantly changing which means branding should constantly change too. Richard Teerlink, Former Chairman of Harley-Davidson, taught us that we should embrace change if we are to be successful. When asked about change he said: “Change is continuous and accelerating… If you don’t like it, tough.” He opened a conference once with a quote from Eric Hoffer: “In the times of change the learners will inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” The consciousness of humanity is going through major changes all over the world, which is affecting the branding evolution.


So what I feel for the time we are living in now is that branding, globally, should take another approach. Some companies are already successfully embracing a new set of keys to branding. Instead of creating a need where there isn’t one, or convincing someone to buy or use a product through manipulation, repetition or the usual gimmicks, how can you be more ‘in touch’ with your consumers aspirations and dreams?

Wouldn’t you rather inspire your customer, and re-awaken the dreams he might have forgotten or left behind. One of the keys to branding is to awaken your clients’ imagination again? What is it that makes you passionate about your company?

What value can you offer your World?

Do you feel that helping others to get what they want is the fastest way to get what you want? People tend to take the path of least resistance. One of the new keys to branding is to encourage your customers to stretch beyond, not just to settle for what they’ve got. They will be inspired by what you have to offer to go for those dreams, it’s what they’ve been looking for all along.

Do what it takes to become, not what it takes to have…

Keys to Branding Harley

Richard Teerlink, Chairman of Harley Davidson says: “Most people can’t understand what would drive someone to profess his or her loyalty for our brand by tattooing our logo onto his or her body – or heart. My fellow employees and I understand completely. We also understand very clearly that this indescribable passion is a big part of what has driven and will continue to drive our growth.”

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