How to Write a Screenplay
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How to write a Screenplay

Welcome to the first page of How to Write a Screenplay, courtesy of the Adventure Learning Initiative Arts mentors. Offering you instruction in the simple life of inspiring creative project ideas and actions.

Writing a screenplay is one the greatest creative challenges you can embark on. It is the most wonderful process of setting your imagination a fire. And here is what happens after you have gotten past the how to write a screenplay part:

'The Joy of Writing a Screenplay' - The Movie

We open on a location in the country side. Birds are merrily chirping in the trees ignoring the hive of human activity below. There are sparks running around checking lights. The best boy shouting orders like a drill sergeant. The grips are lounging around smoking cigarettes and exchanging obscene jokes. They have already checked their rigging. Double checked, triple checked it and, for once, even the gaffer is happy. The DOP is crouching in front of the camera, left eye covered with a patch. Zooming in, zooming out. The make-up artists are fretting over the two stars standing under the tree, which is their first mark. The stars mutter lines under their breath, giving them the air of paranoid schizo’s. The director, drinking his eighth coffee of the day, is glued to the viewing box. Watching the shot the DOP is constructing. Seeming to have made a decision, the director gets up and walks over to the talent. He whispers a few things to each, and then he climbs back into the holy director’s chair. The 1st AD walks up to him, walkie-talkie in hand. He nods at the director.

Director (with a smile)

Let’s get it in the can.

1st AD (in to the walkie-talkie with the air of a military commander)

First positions every one.

The buzz of activity meets its final fever pitch. The sound guys scramble into position. Wielding weird equipment that makes them look like Martian explorers. Sparks run to the Geni making sure the lights are fed. The make-up girls throw their last flurry of talcum powder at the talent, making sure to avoid the costumes. Then they retreat to a safe distance.


The crackle of static almost drowns out the affirmative response.

Talent in position…..?

The 2nd AD gives a strong thumbs-up. The actors are on their first mark. Standing quiet and waiting for the magic word of ACTION.

Camera ready…….?

The DOP waves his hand in the air. The PA with clapper board in hand stands poised for the first take.

1st AD


A moment of silence and great anticipation follows as the Martian explorers hit buttons.

Sound Engineer


1st AD


The DOP flicks record and waits for the film to take. The film hits 24 frames a second and he’s happy.



1st AD

The Joy of Writing a Screenplay!
Scene 1!
Take 1!

The PA the claps the clapper board and scampers out the shot.



1st AD and Director in chorus


Take the First Step

Making the scene above a reality

All of that wonderful excitement and the strange names like Spark, Gaffer, Best Boy and DOP would be without a meaning, or a job, if it weren’t for people like you.

People with the desire, the will and the dream to learn how to write a screenplay and turn it into a reality.

Now there are numerous angles from which you might be approaching this page. Maybe you are doing this merely out of interest. You could be a complete novice, who has the aspirations to turn this into a full blow reality for yourself. You may already be a pro who has completed a number of successful films, looking for new insights into the craft and art of writing a screenplay. Whatever level you are coming from, there will be something in this of value for you.

The main process that these pages will follow on how to write a screenplay will focus predominantly on the creation of character and unlocking your own brand of creativity. here.

Simply Love,
Finbar Kilcoran in association with
The Adventure Learning Character Creators

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