How to Meditate On It

How to Meditate

Would you like to know how to Meditate On It

or to Meditate on anything for that matter?

Has anyone ever said to you...

meditate on it

Meditation is about prayer, breathing, contemplation, introspection, attention, intention, demonstrating, perception, awareness, self-healing and it is about being present in the moment. It is the foundation to happiness and the fulfilment of your dreams.

There is a song in your heart that you have come here to sing. If you wish to live the Life of your dreams it is required for you to sing this song. Most will say: "How do I find out what this song is?" or they plead: "Please tell me what it is!".

There is a process of becoming which involves information, knowledge and wisdom. Meditation is the conduit for becoming. Things are upsidedown and insideout. It's not what you do, it's what you become. Simply, you have to clear the space for You to reveal your song to yourself... Once you've cleared the space, accessed the Power of Now, that is when you begin to live the Life that you originally chose.

How to Meditate and Breathe

Guess what? You need every breath you take. Breath and breathing are the primary and quintessential requirement and process of life. But what if your breathing and breaths could be used as amazing tools for creating the life that you want?

How to Meditate and Breathe

1. Breathing Relaxation Techniques Made Easy
Of the numerous breathing methods to induce relaxation, the most effective technique is the three part breath. This breathing exercise is easy to use and implement in your life with immediate effect…

2. Diaphragm: Breathing Correctly…
Personally I didn’t really believe it when I first heard it. But when I did it, the benefits and positive changes were undeniable. So how do you activate fully conscious diaphragm breathing…

3. Learning Meditation is like Learning to Breathe
Every time you are able to focus wholly and completely on something, whether a task, a sunset, a lover, a piece of music or silence, you are learning meditation.

4. Meditation and Breathing
No breathing… No meditation or life for that matter. There are many breathing methods and breathing relaxation techniques and they are all linked with basic meditative practices.

The Steps of How to Meditate
What You Need Know

1. How to Do Magic
I will introduce you to the foundation ideas behind meditation and the purpose of meditation in the game of life.

2. Meditation Adventure Quest
In the adventure quest for your unique self you discover the importance of two distinct energies: Carl Jung called them the animus and the anima.

3. The Meaning of Dreams
The process, the steps and the purpose behind our types of meditation is to make purposeful consciousness integration possible.

4. Pathways to Freedom
The pathways to freedom through meditation are simple. Here lies the biggest danger because they are so simple.

5. A New Dimension of Wellness
Meditation can lead to a new dimension of wellness. Many of the wellness programs in the world are beneficial, but something is missing...

6. Divine Intervention
What is divine intervention? When you are sincerely wishing to find an answer you end up with something far more than you imagined.

7. Altered Ego Psychology
The best way you can learn about the human Ego is to become conscious of your own ego. How it trips and challenges you is an amazing journey of meditative discovery.

8. Automatic Negative Thoughts
Your internal dialogue consists of automatic negative thoughts. Thoughts are like guided missiles locked on a target…

9. How to Save a Life in 21 Days?
Commit to 21 days to abort the guided missile that has been pre-programmed to destroy what you are setting out to do.

10. Free Online Learning: Two Easy Meditation Techniques
Gain the maximum benefit from our free online learning by going through the relaxation and meditation process on your own behalf.

11. Two Easy Meditation Techniques - Continued
We found from the years of experimenting with how to meditate, that 10 minutes of meditating is the minimum…

12. The Game of Life in the Learning Channel
In the game of life, you have been told how to view things. But the idea is to discover viewing things according to your unique self.

Adventure Learning

Techniqueless Technique

Learning Meditation for Beginners
Find some of the misconceptions that stop intelligent people from learning meditation…

The Placebo Effect
What is the placebo effect and how does it work? Why is this knowledge important when you are meditating?

A Journey of How to Meditate

We enjoy sharing this unique journey with you: A journey of true awakening aspects of consciousness and integrating those aspects into your daily life.

Only love
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